Ola Electric Opens New Experience Centre in Coimbatore

A file photo of Ola Electric's S1 Electric Scooter

Ola Electric, the electric vehicles firm, has expanded its direct-to-customer (D2C) footprint in Coimbatore by opening a new experience centre in Gandhipuram, reports PTI. With this addition, the company now has two experience centres in the city. The first one was launched last year on Avinashi Road.

Ola Electric has already established 200 such experience centres in all major cities of India. The firm plans to expand its network to 500 outlets by March 2023, according to a company release.

The Ola experience centres aim to provide all services related to electric vehicles under one roof. The centres enable EV enthusiasts to experience Ola’s EV technology and gather information about the vehicles. Customers can also avail test rides of the S1 and S1 Pro, seek assistance in purchase from Ola’s Brand Champions, get details on financing options and complete their purchase journey on the Ola app. These experience centres also double up as one-stop destinations for all the post-sales care and maintenance of Ola scooters.

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According to the release, Ola’s mission is to ensure that all two-wheelers in India are electric by 2025. The company is working towards building a robust roadmap of electric vehicles to achieve this goal.

The expansion of Ola’s network of experience centres in Coimbatore is expected to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in the city. With more people able to experience the technology and learn about the benefits of electric vehicles, it is likely that the demand for these vehicles will increase in the near future.

The opening of the new experience centre in Coimbatore is another step towards Ola’s goal of making electric vehicles accessible to everyone in India. As the company continues to expand its network of experience centres and build a roadmap of electric vehicles, it is likely that more people will switch to electric vehicles in the coming years.

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