Ather Energy Crossed 1 Lakh Mark In Electric Scooter Production In January 2023

Ather Energy's electric scooters

In January, Ather Energy surpassed the 1 lakh mark in electric scooter production. In the last year, sales of electric scooter manufacturers have been on the rise.

Tarun Mehta (CEO and co-founder of Ather Energy) shared a video on Twitter celebrating the company’s milestone achievement.

He also shared a tweet he had tweeted last year about the growing sales of the electric scooter company. In the post, he mentioned Ather scooters’ sales in various lengths. He posted the attached post to celebrate Ather’s 50,000-plus electric scooter sale milestone. This was achieved by Ather scooter in August 2022.

Many players have entered the market due to the government’s support of the sector and the huge potential for growth. Indian EVs have seen a significant increase in growth due to the availability of many options in terms of brand, price, quality, and features.

The government’s efforts to improve charging infrastructure, and provide better loan options and EMI options for electric two-wheeler loans can increase consumer confidence and lead to a rise in Electric 2-wheeler sales.

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