Rebolt Installs EV Charging Stations At Lulu Global Mall, Bengaluru

A file photo of Rebolt Installs EV Charging Stations At Lulu Global Mall, Bengaluru

Indian Electric Vehicle is expanding at an extremely rapid rate. This calls for a similar increase in the infrastructure to charge EVs across the country. A total of 120,660 electric vehicles were sold in November 2022, including more than 5350 four-wheelers, and 76,400 two-wheelers. This YoY growth was over 185%.

Rebolt’s mission is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and facilitate the switch to sustainable energy. Rebolt has established charging stations in convenient locations to assist EV owners. This venture was launched in July at Rajajinagar’s Lulu Global Mall, Bengaluru. The company currently has 15 public charging stations for four-wheelers at these locations, as well as a number of private and semi-private charging spots in apartments, resorts, and office spaces.

Sunil Prabhakar, Co-founder of Rebolt said, “Charging infrastructure or should I say the lack of it is a major hindrance in large-scale adoption of EVs. With Rebolt, we are taking this problem head-on by installing our EV chargers at public places where people typically spend a few hours, so that while they are doing something productive, their vehicle gets topped up by 50-60%. And to do so, we are partnering with premium commercial establishments such as micro-breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, sports complexes, etc. We are equally focused on private charging and we are growing our presence in large apartment complexes, offices, and resorts.”

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Trabacus Technologies, the parent company, is headquartered in Bengaluru. It has offices in India and the US. The company started out as a pure-play travel tech company. However, it diversified into the electric vehicle space with Rebolt.

“We are one the few tech companies to have ventured into EV charging. Most others are in the manufacturing sector. Our app is our product, not the charger. All our technology is built in-house. Over time, Rebolt will become a one-stop shop for EV owners,” Sunil added.

The Rebolt app is extremely easy to use. It allows the EV owner to locate chargers on a map and book a slot in advance. The EV owner scans a QR code at the charging station to initiate charging. Once the session is over, the payment is automatically deducted from the wallet. A dashboard is available to the host of the charger. This dashboard allows the host to track chargers and locations, charge commissions and payments, as well as track consumption and bookings.

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Sunil said, “We’re growing rapidly. We are currently based in Karnataka, but we plan to expand our reach to other states soon. Our website also allows for online sales of our electric vehicle chargers. Our team is motivated and dedicated to expanding the network but also to providing the best possible installation and charging experience for both the host and the owner.”

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