e-TRNL Energy Raises Rs 7.5 Crore In Pre-Seed Funding Round

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e-TRNL Energy is a startup in battery technology that has raised Rs 7.5 crore in pre-seed funding rounds led by Speciale Invest. Speciale Invest is a deep-tech venture capital company.

Micelio Mobility (a clean mobility fund) and CIIE (the innovation continuum at IIM Ahmedabad) are other investors. The investment will be used by the startup to accelerate the product cycle and reduce the time it takes to deliver its products to customers.

Apoorv Shaligram is the co-founder of e-TRNL Energy. He stated, “At e-TRNL Energy we are innovating from the ground up to realize battery’s true potential and bring about the highest level of cell manufacturing.” We are thrilled to have partnered up with our investors in order to realize the potential of batteries and to help establish global supply chains starting from India.

e-TRNL Energy has been innovating core technologies to unlock the full potential of energy resources. It also works on battery cell design and manufacturing platform technology for advanced battery chemicals.

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Speciale Invest’s Managing Partner Vishesh Rajaram stated that e-TRNL was working to bring to market the most advanced energy storage system. Innovative technology from the company helps reduce the environmental impact of battery storage while delivering high performance and reliability.

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