Bengaluru Gets Interactive Solar-Powered EV Art Installation

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Church Street became the home to an interactive solar-powered EV art installation. This interactive, engaging experience allows people to touch an electric vehicle and interact with it in real time. It is made from recycled materials to promote green living.

The three-wheeler electric vehicle will be up for inspection soon. It will be made from upcycled materials. Scrap metals and batteries will be used to create the EV. The whole installation will be powered by a solar panel.

This installation was created under ‘EVmyDelivery’, an initiative of Bengaluru Moving to encourage and enable the city’s transition towards sustainable modes. It was built in partnership between the Directorate of Urban Land Transport and the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation.

Navdha Malhotra, Campaigner with Bengaluru Moving said, “Research highlights that India will have 500 million online shoppers by 2030. The young Indian millennial is conscious of their consumption habits and choices. Through this installation and other initiatives, we want to leverage this consumer appetite to convert brands and companies’ net-zero and sustainability intentions into real action.”

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The Commissioner of DULT supported the initiative by saying, “We are very happy to support EVmyDelivery initiative” and that the interactive installation is raising awareness about tailpipe emissions resulting in e-commerce deliveries.

The solar-powered electric vehicle was created by Radhika and Madhvi, both from Mumbai. Rahul KP is a Bangalore-based artist.

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