Volton Launches A New Series Of Electric Bicycles In India

A file photo of Volton's Booty 30 electric bicycle

Voltrider, an e-mobility startup based in New Delhi, has just introduced the Booty series of electric bicycles. This is a unique design that combines a bicycle with a scooty.

There are three versions of Booty: Booty 120, Booty 60, and Booty 30. Customers can select any model they like. 25 km on Booty costs Rs 1.

Booty 120 is powered by a 36 Ah battery. It can travel between 90 and 100 km depending on how you throttle it. With pedal assistance, the range increases to 130 to 150 km. The price is Rs 45,000

Booty – 60 is powered by a 24Ah battery. It has a range between 55 to 60km if you use the throttle mode and with pedal assistance, it travels 75 to 80 km. The price is Rs 37,000.

Booty – 30 is powered by a 12 Ah battery. It has a range between 25-30km purely using the throttle mode and travels between 45-50 Km with pedal assistance. The price is Rs. 30,000

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These e-bikes can reach speeds of 25 kmph and take approximately 3.5 hours to charge fully. You can do this from any home socket. The Booty has a removable battery, except for the Booty 120. This makes it easy to charge at home and in the office.

Prashanta, the CEO of Voltrider, stated that safety is our primary concern. As such, we use Lithium Phosphate batteries which are not exploding or catching fire like Lithium Ion. Except for the motor, controller, and throttle, all components used in the Volton Booty are made in India.

Prashanta said that all bikes have been fitted with Mega Hubs. These are high-end MTB bikes and replace regular hubs and conventional cotterless chain wheels.

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