Renon Launches India’s First Dedicated 2WEV Platform ‘ALPHA’

Renon Launches India's First Dedicated 2WEV Platform 'ALPHA'

Renon India, one of India’s leading energy storage companies, announces the launch of its smart swappable battery platform called Alpha for high-performance electric two-wheelers. This Li-ion battery pack is built with NMC chemistry and has a nominal voltage of 50.4 V and rated energy of 2.01 kWh and it can be extended to the LFP chemistry platform with the same footprint. Alpha platform hosts multiple patented technologies starting from cell interconnects to sensing circuits. This platform will be using Renon’s in-house built Battery management system and telematics hardware. It is built in a way, where this can be integrated seamlessly with most of the existing swapping solutions.

The battery has a three-layer safety net for thermal runaway events with phase change material. With a smart configurable battery management system, accurate SOC and SOH algorithms for range estimation, and CAN 2.0 communication, Alpha battery packs are extremely reliable, safe, and built to withstand Indian driving conditions.  

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Aditya Vikram, MD and CEO of Renon, said, “We are excited to introduce Alpha, our unique battery pack solution to strengthen India’s EV journey. We aim to keep on disrupting the storage industry with revolutionary technology that enables this transformation in a cost-effective and sustainable way.”

Renon India has expanded significantly since its foundation in 2019. It recently launched Groot, its Li-ion battery pack for low and medium-speed EVs. The thermally optimized battery packs have a nominal voltage of 57.6 V and a rated energy of 2.04 kWh. In addition to a smart configurable battery management system, Groot is also equipped with a display for SOC and SOH algorithms for reliable data collection and range estimation. 

The Surat-based company expects to achieve a 350+ MWh manufacturing line capacity milestone in the near future, with production technology that can manufacture 3,000+ packs a month. It is currently focusing on clocking 40 crore INR in revenue by the end of this financial year.

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Renon India is a leading lithium-ion battery storage company based in Surat, Gujarat. The company was established in 2019 under the leadership of Aditya Vikram (CEO) and technology is handled by Ganesh Moorthi (CTO). It holds in-house competency in all touch points of a vertically integrated battery pack company.

Renon India has seen an upward arc in its growth, starting from a nameplate capacity for stationary packs to the establishment of an R&D centre in Bengaluru in 2021. The company intends to achieve the milestone of 500+ MWh of production line capacity soon, with production technology capable of producing 3000+ packs per month. At present, it is focusing on swappable battery pack research and in-house BMS development.

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