Founder Of e-Ashwa Automotive Launches New EV Venture, ‘Sampoorn EV’


Vikas Gupta, the founder and former CEO of e-Ashwa Automotive, Ghaziabad’s electric vehicle company, has announced the launch of a new EV venture called Sampoorn EV.

Gupta stated that the initiative will offer a complete ( Sampoorn) as well as holistic ecosystem platform for small local EV players with products, but not having the necessary infrastructure. This includes a retail network to sell and market their products outside their region.

He stated that EVs are certain to become the future of mobility if there are favorable Government policies and rapid adoption by the auto industry of electric vehicles.

Sampoorn EV plans to open multi-brand EV retail shops in various parts of the country as part of its ecosystem. These stores will be set up in a phased manner and will carry relevant accessories and products from different brands. The company doesn’t plan to create its own brand or products.

The ecosystem support will be made available to EV companies for a nominal fee according to their budget so that all EV players can have equal growth opportunities.

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