Tamil Nadu Could Reduce Carbon Emissions By More Than 36 Million Tonnes By Shifting To Electric Vehicles – Report


Climate Trends has released a new study that shows that Tamil Nadu could offset between 36 and 38 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by converting 5-10% of its two, three and four-wheeler sales to electric during 2022-30.

Two scenarios are considered in the study “Carbon emission reductions in Tamil Nadu’s roads transport by 2030 via electrification”. Tamil Nadu could save 36.53 million tonnes of carbon emissions if 5% of its vehicle sales by 2030 were converted to electric. This target means that Tamil Nadu could have nearly 3.59 million electric vehicles on the roads, across all four, three and two-wheelers.

Tamil Nadu could save 38.76 million tonnes of carbon emissions if 10% of all newly registered vehicles between 2022-30 are converted to electric. This target would mean that Tamil Nadu could have nearly 3.86 million electric vehicles on the road.

Based on the average mileage they cover in India, the study found that ICE vehicles would produce close to 387 million tonnes of carbon if they were not converted to electric.

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Tamil Nadu was one of the first states to announce an electric vehicle policy in the year 2019. It is responsible for approximately 35% of all Indian investments in e-mobility.

According to the report, “While the electric mobility industry is expanding well, sales of electric vehicles could use a boost.”

According to Vahan data, Tamil Nadu was the third-highest EV registered state in 2021. However, by August 2022 it had fallen to the sixth position. The Climate Trends report supports the idea that the state should release a revised EV policy.

“Reducing emissions from transport and making that happen through electrification will play a very significant role in India’s road to net zero emissions. To make this real, action will need to be at the state level,” says Aarti Khosla, Director, Climate Trends.

She added, “Tamil Nadu is already a leader in installed renewable energy capacity in the country through progressive policies and schemes. It is also the hub for automobile companies. A targeted approach to transport electrification, through investments, policies and government attention, will have a major contribution towards reduction in carbon emissions for the state.”

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