Mobilize Power Solutions Selects Delta’s UFC 200 Ultra Fast Charger to Support the Development of New Renault Megane E-TECH 1005 Electric

Mobilize Power Solutions Selects Delta's UFC 200 Ultra Fast Charger to Support the Development of New Renault Megane E-TECH 1005 Electric

Mobilize Power Solutions selected the UFC 200 Ultra Fast Electric Chargers from Delta, a global leader of power and thermal management solutions. This selection was made for the testing phase and launch of the Renault Megane Etech 100% Electric. The UFC 200 Ultra Fast EV Charger has a power output of up to 200kW and was used to test the charging behavior at Renault’s Technocentre. The UFC 200 was also used to support the EV charging infrastructure in Malaga (Spain) for the press launch.

Mobilize Power Solutions, an affiliate of Groupe Renault, specializes in charging solutions. Nicolas Schottey is the CEO of Mobilize Power Solutions. He said that the innovative technology in the Renault Megane is 100% Electric is something that we are very excited about. This represents a significant shift in gears for the electric revolution. Delta, our long-term partner and trusted friend, allowed us to use its expertise and knowledge in advanced power management solutions. Mobilize Power Solutions assists its customers in the transition to electric mobility. They offer the most suitable charging solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

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Vincent Lin, Delta Electronics EMEA regional senior director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions, said, “With its flexible and efficient EV charging solutions and decades of experience in the automotive industry, Delta Electronics is becoming a preferred supplier of EV chargers.” Mobilize Power Solutions has continued to be a part of our relationship by using the UFC 200 for the development and launch of the Renault Megane 100% Electric. This also shows how Delta can help, from providing charging solutions to end users to support early stages of EV development.”

Renault’s Megane ETECH 100% Electric is Renault’s latest answer to growing demand for EVs. It features a brand new wound rotor synchronous engine for quiet operation and efficiency. The UFC 200 was developed to provide simultaneous charging for four vehicles. It also proved to be extremely durable and able of withstanding high heat and bright sunlight.

The UFC 200’s success during the Megane ETECH 100% Electric’s development – and Mobilize Energy Solutions’ confidence in its performance- led to the creation of the charging infrastructure necessary to support the car’s press launch in Malaga (Spain). The UFC 200 performed flawlessly while simultaneously charging 40 cars. During the day, five to six cars were charged at 200kWh. Nighttime charging sessions were conducted using AC chargers.

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Mobilize Power Solutions and Delta have partnered to bring together two of the best-of-breed organizations. This collaboration supports their green initiatives and long-term goal to become carbon neutral. Mobilize Power Solutions has chosen to partner with Delta because of the quality of its charging solutions and also due to the global resources Delta has as well as its long-standing relationship with Renault and the automotive industry.

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