World EV Day 2022: Quotes From Electric Vehicle Leaders


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September 9 is marked as World EV Day. A global movement to transition to green and clean mobility, and also innovating change in electric vehicles. It all started in 2020 when a UK-based sustainability media company took the initiative to educate the world about the benefits of electric vehicles. The movement towards decarbonization has been well established. Almost every car manufacturer is offering or proposing to make electric vehicles.

In India, central as well as many state governments have released their EV Policies. With new policies, government subsidies and new vehicle launches, India will see a boom in the electric vehicle segment. Also, the electrification of transport will transform our future.

Here are a few quotes from various electric vehicle leaders:

Akash Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Zypp Electric

“One of the major reasons why we started Zypp Electric is because we wanted to solve pollution and climate change through sustainable mobility and electrify India first and then the rest of the world. To achieve a large vision of mission zero emission, it was important to identify the sector with maximum pollution and last-mile delivery is a big one. Today 66% of the trips that happen in India are last-mile deliveries from where the maximum pollution is generated.” 

He added, “The Indian last-mile delivery segment is directly proportional to e-commerce penetration. The Indian e-commerce market which is valued at $30Bn today and expected to be $50Bn in the next 3-4 years hence, the logistics will also see a 5X growth. In order to meet this growing demand, we need a robust, and organised green logistics solution. However, the biggest problem is that the entire supply chain is running heavily on petrol vehicles. Zypp Electric bridges this gap with electric two-wheelers. With 7,000 electric fleets on the ground and 5 years of experience, today Zypp Electric is the largest 2W EV logistics company in the country.”

Mr Anshul Gupta, Managing Director, Okaya Electric Vehicles

“We are working relentlessly to contribute to the drive for a greener and cleaner India. In line with this commitment we are moving ahead at a great pace to meet this target by offering end-to-end sustainable e-mobility solutions comprising of but not limited to Electric Vehicles, EV Battery Swapping and Charging Solutions, and Energy Storage Solutions. At Okaya EV, our mission and vision are aligned with the Government of India’s efforts towards faster adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles and a 100% electric India by 2030.”

Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Co-founder, BLive

“The need for to focus on clean mobility is more relevant and urgent than ever before. Alarming pollution levels and increasing fuel costs have necessitated the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). While the government is making efforts both in terms of policy push and infrastructure, efforts should be made by individuals as well as enterprises to embrace sustainable mobility. There is a need to create awareness in the market, along with accessibility for EVs. This should be done while also maintaining affordability to ensure consumers make the switch towards a greener future.”

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Anmol Singh Jaggi, CEO and Co-founder of BluSmart

“It is not new to anyone around the world how climate change is wreaking havoc on this earth. Over the past few months, we have been witnessing recent floods in places like Bangalore and Pakistan. Not only that, but this year IMD declared that Delhi saw a 4.6mm drop in its normal annual rainfall mark. All these signs of climate change are impossible to ignore. India ranks 5th in most vulnerable to climate change globally and it is high time we all wake up and make a change.”

He added, “We see a trend of rapid urbanization in Megacities. Our focus is to solve the pollution challenges of megacities like the Delhi NCR and improve the quality of life of people living in such megacities. EVs are responsible for considerably lower emissions over their lifetime than conventional (internal combustion engine) vehicles. I believe India can adopt electrification strongly and steadily. We have experienced the cost of EVs declining while the range has been on a steady rise. Now anyone can consider buying an EV and reap the benefits.”

Suhas Rajkumar, Founder, and CEO, Simple Energy

“We at Simple believe now is the time for EVs. Between now and 2030, we hope to see widespread adoption of all clean energy technologies, including renewables, and electric vehicles that would contribute toward a greener, more sustainable planet. Over the past few years, the Indian EV market has grown at an exponential rate. Government initiatives like FAME-II and strict regulations on emissions and fuel economy, along with rising consumer demand, have made it possible for the market for EVs grows at a faster pace. At Simple, we are building vehicles that would be at the absolute apex as we advance, futuristic in its specs and features, and in line with addressing primary concerns that will help end consumers switch to an EV hassle-free.”

Mr Suman Mishra, the CEO, of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited

“On World EV Day, we celebrate India’s electrification journey. At Mahindra Last Mile Mobility, we are committed to promoting sustainable motoring with zero-emission products. I am confident that with our collective efforts, we can enable a green and smarter tomorrow for India.”

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Mr Mahesh Babu, Director & CEO – Switch Mobility India, COO – Switch Mobility Ltd

“To meet India’s global commitment to become Net Zero by 2070, we need to prioritize not just public transport, but public transport with zero tailpipe emissions. Electric buses are clearly the best and obvious solution to accelerate decarbonisation with increasing mass mobility. It is this imperative that guides us at Switch Mobility – to help India attain its ambitious Net Zero target by offering society smart, clean mass mobility solutions that are also technologically advanced, safe and comfortable for passengers. Our vision is to transform mass mobility across cities and highways and bring about a clean revolution in the way people travel. I take the opportunity on World EV Day 2022 to invite partners and people who share the same vision to jointly achieve this critical transition.”

Mr KK Paul, Managing Director, TI Clean Mobility Pvt. Ltd

“Today, World EV Day has evolved into a movement, a day dedicated to e-mobility. Over the past few years, the Indian EV market has grown at an exponential rate. Government initiatives like FAME-II, strict regulations on emissions along with rising consumer demand-awareness, Skyrocketing fossil fuel prices, better energy density chemistries, evolving battery/charging infra and technology, and unprecedented participation from big industry houses and start-ups are making it possible for the market EV ready. As consumers become more aware of how fossil fuel-powered vehicles affect the environment and economics both at an individual and social level, the adoption of EVs will significantly increase in the years ahead. At TI Clean Mobility, our vision is to provide our customers with products and solutions that make economic and business sense and truly improve the quality of life for all stakeholders. We recently launched Montra Electric 3W is our first step towards welcoming and catalyse this EVolution. We are targeting the productive end of mobility as India’s efforts to reach net zero carbon emissions by the year 2070 are greatly dependent on this segment and it makes more economic sense to the user for faster adoption. As we continue to look toward the future, World EV Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to share our vision of a world of sustainable, intelligent mobility with people all around the world and inspire them to go electric, go clean, go green and prosper in the true sense.”

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Mr Kapil Shelke, CEO/Founder of Tork Motors

“In India, electric two-wheeler technology has matured to a significant level with a month-on-month upward trend in the segment. Clean mobility, spearheaded by a transition to zero-emission electric vehicles, is a major part of India’s green push. Furthermore, the government’s initiatives on strengthening the electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem in the country through demand incentives, the establishment of a network of charging stations and the administration of schemes have further augmented the EV market in the country. While more and more manufacturers are coming out with saleable products in the domestic market, a robust network of electric vehicle [EV] charging infrastructure is the need of the hour. Companies should come together and create a durable charging infrastructure for the users. It is an essential pre-requisite for the progression and future penetration of electric two and three-wheelers.

At Tork Motors, we have been at the forefront in introducing India’s electric motorcycles manufactured in the country. With a clear emphasis on Make-In-India since inception, indigenous manufacturing of products, by locally assembling the majority of the components has been our brand ethos. Additionally, our efforts towards developing a proficient domestic R&D system allow us to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate customer demands and up to date with the latest trends. This is further validated by more than 50 patents and designs under IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) filed by Tork Motors, since its inception. We will continue to introduce technologically advanced and differentiated offerings for our esteemed customers and at the same time ensure holistic sales and service solutions. On World EV Day, as a responsible brand, we will continue to build a stronger EV ecosystem for faster adoption and a sustainable environment.”

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