Credence Family Office Pvt Ltd Leads The Ongoing Pre-Series A Fundraises for 3ev Industries and 3eco Systems

Factory Photo 3ev

Credence Family Office Pvt Ltd announced that it has raised a total of USD 2.5M for 3ev Industries Pvt Ltd and USD 1.5M for 3eco Systems Pvt Ltd as the lead in the ongoing Pre-Series A rounds for both companies.  There has been participation from notable family offices and sophisticated investors.  The ongoing fundraise is expected to close shortly, and Series-A Institutional Funding rounds being planned at both companies to be led by separate financial advisors six months from now.

Nitesh Arora, Executive Director at Credence noted, “3ev & 3eco provide a total solutions model for last mile delivery electrification. The EV market is still in its infancy, and needs an integrated approach to drive market acceptance.  Both companies have made great strides towards standardising their products and services with positive customer feedback, market penetration, and steady growth.”

Peter Voelkner, MD of 3ev and 3eco said, “3ev makes best in breed 3-wheel EVs designed, manufactured, customised as needed and continuously upgraded based on regular and systematic feedback directly from end users.  We are able to tailor our vehicles based on real-world and real-time data from the marketplace.  Furthermore, we optimise their maintenance and service schedule to minimise downtime and ensure reliable, safe, and consistent performance over the five-years warranty period.  We do not sell our vehicles and walk away.  We provide cradle to grave support, automatically repurchasing vehicles after five-years for refurbishment and redeployment.” 

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“3eco has proven that full-turnkey services are what top-tier customers want.  We can only accomplish this by internalising the value-chain with fully employed drivers, dedicated vehicles and charging/service depots, and a robust digital information system for data collection, analysis, process optimisation, and transparent implementation.  We are able to provide services of the highest quality to enterprises, allowing 3eco to sign multi-year contracts with some of the biggest names in India and in the world.  Building on our steady progress in enterprise fulfilment services, we are now layering in advertising, consumer and marketplace services with more business development opportunities to come.”

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