Jendamark India is a Pioneer in Providing Customised, Indigenously Developed Assembly Line and Testing Solutions to Several EV Manufacturers: Himanshu Jadhav, CEO & Director, Jendamark India Pvt Ltd.

Himanshu Jadhav- CEO & Director, Jendamark India Pvt Ltd.


-Jendamark India is a pioneer in providing customised, indigenously developed assembly line and testing solutions to several electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. These range from component-level lines for battery packs, motors, rotors, transmissions and MCU to solutions for vehicle-level assembly.

-All our solutions are equipped with our own Industry 4.0 ecosystem of products called ODIN Manufacturing, developed to assist with process security, operator guidance, data traceability and IOT-enabled services.

-This perfect blend of automation and software solutions for all EV-related manufacturing creates a one-stop shop for all our customers’ needs.

Please give us an overview of the company, its journey and its evolution?


“Jendamark lives by ‘Passionate about technology, focussed on people and we encourage everyone to embrace the digital transformation”

In 2014, Jendamark Automation, headquartered in South Africa entered the Indian market and offered the Indian customers a unique blend of world-class engineering solutions at a competitive cost through its Indian subsidy, Jendamark India. Jendamark brought to the table its 30+ years of operating across the world which ensured that its young Indian team had the right guidance and support.

The Jendamark group board consisting of its MD, Quinton Uren, Siegfried Lokotsch, Yanesh Naidoo & Graeme Van Zyl have been hands-on with the Indian business lending their experience as the company grew.

The Indian arm, Jendamark India has achieved the unique distinction of having both, automation and IT experts working together to deliver 1st in class solutions to the Indian Industry under the capable leadership of CEO, Himanshu Jadhav. We understand business in the region while offering manufacturing quality that meets the highest international standards. Jendamark has its own developed software ODIN Eco Systems which includes various digital services like ODIN Manufacturing, ODIN Maintenance, ODIN Ensure, ODIN
Documentation and a lot more.

Jendamark’s human centric approach helps to provide our customers a solution suitable per their requirements considering the current industry situation increasing operator efficiency, Production rate, Data Traceability etc. The company also has pioneered the industry 4.0 revolutions, by implementing augmented reality, VR & innumerable software apps developed by his efficient team of professionals from the group.

The challenge was to create ‘self-belief’ in everyone. We come from a pure manufacturing background and the automation space involves conceptualizing, designing, programming and taking overall responsibilities as a turnkey solution provider. This transition was challenging. We added 250 employees in the course moved into a new facility, & revenue grew 5 times in 3 years. It was important to not lose focus on customers and ensure we deliver to whatever we committed. The average age is less than 30, so there is no dearth of enthusiasm & energy, the challenge is to channel this energy to meet the expectations of our customers and the board.

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The most noteworthy feature of our business is the relationship with our customers like Sharda Motors, Exhaust Emmission Pvt Ltd Faurecia, Tenneco, Mahindra’s, Cummins, ZF’s, Dana, Skoda, Ashok Leyland, Kalyani Technoforge etc. Every project has its challenges and we try to mitigate them, if the risk stays put, we work very closely and transparently with our customers to resolve it. Automation coupled with digitalization is the right combination for developing economies like India with one of the highest ‘young’ populations. Effective use of technology will give us more time to do innovative and creative things. Our biggest achievement is the trust the customers show us when they approach us for their critical projects.

We have associated ourselves with developing a local Government school; we believe that empowering an individual through education is far more effective than providing him or her with any shortterm measures to meet his immediate needs.

What are the specialties of your assembly solution?

Jendamark offers a complete turnkey solution in 5 different business verticals- 1, Powertrains 2. Catalytic converter Assembly Lines 3. Electric Vehicle Assembly Lines Aerospace tooling’s 5. Digital Services. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we have the perfect blend of automation and digital services which provides our customers solutions with accurate data, accurate reports on their fingertips along with operator guidance which plays a huge role in any production line. Jendamark rovides solutions right from concept designs, manufacturing, Assembly, Programming and after-sales services.

This is what you can expect from our process:

Concept and designs: The design department works with the customer to understand their requirements. If an innovative approach, beyond the standard solutions, is required, the research and development team will step in to assist. Jendamark does its Design approval in VR in order to give our customers a “Hands-On” experience of the line before its even designed. This helps them to get a clear idea of what we have designed and if any changes are required those can be done in the initial phase only. Once the concept is approved, it proceeds to a final design.

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Software Engineering: Technology forms an integral part of every Jendamark machine. In the age of Industry 4.0, software controls are an essential part of the design phase and work seamlessly with the mechanical and electrical hardware.

Manufacture: Once a design is signed off by the customer, the physical manufacturing of the actual machine or production line takes place.

Assembly: The machine or line is assembled and checked to ensure that everything works as it should and meets the highest quality

Commissioning: The machine or line is then disassembled and reassembled in the commissioning department, where the customer will check that it functions according to the design specifications and provide a final sign-off.

Installation: The final product is then boxed and shipped to the customer’s facility. Jendamark’s team follows the assembly system and installs it on site.

After sale services: Jendamark machines are designed and built according to the highest quality standards and come with either a 12 or 24-month warranty, depending on the facility involved. A 24-hour on-call service is available for the full duration of the warranty period.

What are some digital trends we are likely to see in the coming future? How is Jendamark keeping up with the same?

Some digital trends that we are likely going to see in the coming future are:

-Robotic process automation
-Intelligent business process management

-Artificial Intelligence
-Advanced analytics

How has digital technology evolved in the automation industry? What are some digital technologies in use in your services?

As more and more organizations realized the significant productivity and cost savings benefits of Business Process Management software solutions; they began looking for new and improved technologies to simplify complex business processes. This led to the development of digital process automation (DPA) solutions. Digital process automation solutions allow organizations to leverage digital technology to automate one or more tasks involved in a business process. DPA achieves this by using advanced technologies like machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Some digital technologies used in our services is our own developed Digital software Odin. We have various products under Odin and those are:

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Odin Workstation: Manges the entire production process and improves line efficiencies.
Odin Maintenance: Cloud-based solution for preventative and predictive maintenance
Odin IOT: Gather valuable performance data straight from your machine to predict and avoid problems
Odin Future factory: Future proof your factory with smart production technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Future Developments.
Odin Health: Coordinate your employees’ health and wellness program with a single app
Odin Insights: Advanced analytics and insights derived from collected data with smart notifications and conversational AI

Which are the factors that make your company stand out in the market?

Jendamark provides cost-effective solutions with the latest innovative technology. What sets us apart is our human centric approach toward handling each and every situation. We value the attitude of our people more than their technical knowledge. Passions, tenacity
and never give-up approach are fundamental to every individual in our team, regardless of their role. We take responsibility for our commitment no, matter how painful the consequences, we always, always finish what we started and we never walk away. We also believe in being honest about our ideas and actions. However difficult this may be in the short term, it always leads to a positive outcome in the long run. Being candid with ourselves is challenging, but it is often more so with our customers. (They sometimes take the wrong decisions and we have to tell them that). “We strive to honour the truth – it is the responsible thing to do and leads to business success for all.”,, 7722027005

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