Only 1% Of Household Consumers Intend To Purchase An Electric Scooter Within The Next 6 Months In India- Report


A new report showed that the government is investigating multiple fires in electric 2-wheelers and that only 1% of household consumers intend to purchase an e-scooter within the next six months. This is due to safety and performance concerns.

According to data from LocalCircles, around 32% of respondents were not convinced of the safety and performance in August of electric scooters. In March, however, that number was at 17%. More than two dozen electric two-wheelers set themselves ablaze in March and April according to data.

Around 7000 units were “voluntarily” recalled after more than 24 electric two-wheelers caught on fire in March and April.

To conduct a thorough investigation and to create ‘quality-centric” guidelines for EV makers, the government established a committee of experts at the Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety. These guidelines are expected to be published soon.

1% of the over 11,000 respondents stated that they intend to purchase an e-scooter within the next six months. Nearly 5% said they were interested in buying but weren’t convinced by the infrastructure for electric scooters at their place of work. 7% stated that they don’t have the funds to purchase e-scooters.

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Survey results also showed that e-scooters are not in high demand. 31% of households don’t own them, and another 9% said that they have enough vehicles at home to purchase a second-hand vehicle.

According to the survey, “The fire incidents that resulted in injuries and loss of vehicles for some caused consumer sentiments to decline in electric vehicle two-wheeler sales for the past two months.”

Ather Energy, as well as Ola Electric, saw the largest drop in sales due to customers putting off purchasing EVs after battery fires. India currently has more than 1,640 public EV charging stations, with 940 located in nine megacities. Between October 2021 & January 2022, 678 electric vehicle charging stations were built. It is currently capable of powering approximately 1.8 lakh electric vehicles.

Although there are many people who want to purchase e-scooters they are also concerned about safety and performance. The report stated that “It is crucial for the government to win consumer confidence.”

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  1. The confidence building exercise is marred by unchecked substandard imports. The quick buck dream by fly-by-nite operators spoiled the party.
    The hood quality strut Dy and established players entering alone can revive the confidence level. Along with it localised production of components too is to be romped up. Yes easy availability of finance and battery swapping infra could revive and reset the mindset of dis earning buyers

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