Odysse Electric Vehicles Unveils IoT-Enabled Vehicles

Odysse Electric Vehicle

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Odysse Electric Vehicles, a Mumbai-based manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, has unveiled an updated version of its IoT-enabled vehicles. These vehicles provide real-time data and can also play a role when providing vehicle data. It can measure absolute and relative parameters like speed, acceleration, and brake pattern, to make recommendations for better performance and lower maintenance.

To improve safety and security, the EV manufacturer has added geofencing to the vehicle. IoT-enabled EVs will improve user experience and make it easier to understand the financial and environmental benefits of using an EV over an ICE car.

Odysse, which offers electric vehicles with additional features, has expanded its presence in metropolises by opening a second showroom in Chembur, Mumbai, Vidhisha, Bhopal and Agra. This brings the total number to more than 60.

In a statement, the company stated that it will educate customers and respond promptly to any inquiries.

Nemin Vora, Chief Executive Officer, Odysse Electric vehicles, said, “We’re thrilled to share our extended dealerships in India’s four major cities. These dealerships will aid to build a strong brand and customer bond throughout the country.”

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“We currently have 60+ dealerships and intend to have over 100 dealerships across India by March 2023. In addition, we have planned our product launch for September focusing on B2B clients.” he further added.

The company launched two new electric scooters earlier this year, the Odysse V2 as well as V2+. They were priced at Rs 75,000. According to the company, the maximum range is up to 150 kilometres per charge.

Odysse EV’s electric two-wheeler range also includes E2go, Racer, Hawk+, and Evoqis. It plans to launch two additional e-scooters later in the year.

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