Pure EV Launches Its First Electric Motorcycle, ‘ETRYST 350’

A file photo of Pure EV ETRYST 350.

Pure EV has just launched the ETRYST 350, its first electric motorcycle in commercial production. All regions have an ex-showroom cost of INR 154999 in India. The motorbike’s most popular model was designed, built and developed entirely in India. According to the press release, the company has opened key outlets in India to sell its commercial products.

ETRYST 350 was developed and designed at PURE EV’s technology development and manufacturing centre in Hyderabad. Customers can travel up to 140km on a single full charge. The vehicle’s patented 3.5KWH battery is AIS 156-certified.

Each aspect of product engineering was completed to ensure a stable ride, even at 85 kmph.

Rohit Vadera is Chief Executive Officer at Pure EV. The launch of this high-performance motorcycle would show the significant lessons learned by PURE EV in powertrain design and development at its R&D centre. The company’s core R&D activities are in line with Indian customers’ expectations. We believe that the product will offer superior performance to the 150 cc premium ICE bikes.

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“We will launch the model first in metros and Tier 1 cities, before gradually expanding our offering at all outlets across India.” He said that the motorcycle was launched at an entry-level price to give you the premium experience of riding an electric motorcycle. The unique feature of this motorcycle is its battery. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions. It comes with a 5-year and 50,000-km warranty. ETRYST 350 is compatible with all vehicles in Indian terrain. With its latest product, the company aims to target India’s youth along with those looking for an affordable high-performance electric bike at an affordable price.

“PURE EV’s network of premium dealers across India offers customers a highly satisfying buying experience. We have established one of the most advanced workshops in the industry with all the electrical and mechanical tools necessary to provide the best after-sales service experience for our customers. This is a leading practice in the industry. The investments we made with innovative devices such as BATRICS FARADAY remote battery service capability, and extensive technicians training programs are yielding significant results in high customer satisfaction. This has allowed PURE EV become one of most trusted EV brands in the nation today,” Vadera stated.

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PURE EV increases its presence in major cities and towns in India. Already, the company has exported its products to South Asia. There are plans to continue exporting to South American African markets.

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