Hubject Join Hands with Fines Charging to Inflate the EV Charging Facilities in Bulgaria

Hubject partners with Fines Charging to expand eRoaming options for electric car drivers in Bulgaria

Hubject, the provider of the largest eRoaming network in the world, and Fines Charging (one of the largest Charge Point Operators) in Bulgaria have formed a strategic partnership. This collaboration, which will help create a future of seamless EV charging across Europe, is being made possible by the recent legislation passed in Bulgaria.

Hubjetc is the largest eRoaming provider in the world and has partnered with Fines Charging, the charging point operator (CPO). Fines Charging is partnering with Hubject to offer its infrastructure and services to an extended network of drivers. This initiative will be of benefit to these drivers.

The Bulgarian government pledged in March to boost the country’s electric vehicle infrastructure, with the goal of installing 10,000 charging stations by 2026. This is part of the national recovery and resilience plan of Bulgaria and points to a bigger vision for sustainable transport in the country.

Fines Charging has both 38 AC and 55 DC chargers, and there are many more locations in the pipeline. This makes it one of the most popular charging options in Bulgaria and a significant contributor to the existing charging infrastructure. Fines Charging expects to increase the number of charging stations in order to offer to charge opportunities to both local drivers and drivers from across Europe, given the current rate of EV adoption.

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“Fines Charging is positioned as the fastest charging network for Bulgaria, with numerous 200kW+ chargers and dozens of 150kW+ chargers.” Fines Charging CEO Murry Ivanoff states that we are excited to work with Hubject and make it easier for European EV travelers.

Fines Energy has confirmed that Hubject’s intercharge network is open to all e-mobility service providers and their customers by joining. This will allow them to offer the best charging services at the same conditions to all mobility users. The intercharge network’s built in access, reservation, and direct-payment functions ensure maximum convenience for EV drivers as they travel through Bulgaria.

“As these exciting developments unfold in Bulgaria, we are honored to continue our partnership with Fines Charging. With our intercharge network, EV Charging will be easier for international visitors as well as Bulgarian EV drivers moving internationally. Public charging infrastructure must be available all across Europe.” Christian Hahn CEO of Hubject stated that Fines Charging and Hubject will work together to create a simple, customer-friendly charging experience across Europe.

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