Blink Charging Makes a Strategic Alliance with AES El Salvador to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure


Blink Charging Co., a leader operator and owner of electric vehicle charging equipment and services, announced recently that it has signed an agreement with AES El Salvador for 50 IQ 200 fast Level-2 chargers to be deployed in El Salvador’s various regions over the next few years. This agreement will help El Salvador transition to cleaner, more sustainable transportation.

Blink chargers will be connected to the Blink Network platform. This allows drivers to find networked charging stations, and use the Blink Charging Mobile App. Administrators can access the charging information of each charger through the Blink Network’s management portal.

Juan Carlos Barahona (Sr. Director of Global Operations, Blink Charging) stated that “We are thrilled to work with AES Salvador in this forward-thinking venture. As Latin America’s EVs will double every year in the next eight years, we will need more charging stations both public and private to help support this rapid growth. Blink Charging believes that strategic alliances can encourage growth. We are proud to have formed this alliance with AES.”

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AES’ Solutions Division will oversee the installation of fast, medium, and modern charging stations at strategic locations for its business partners such as restaurants, shopping centers, parks, private parking lots, hotels and universities.

“These efforts will be strengthened through the vast experience of Blink Charging through our strategic alliance today.” Abraham Bichara (Executive President of AES El Salvador) stated that the two of them will collaborate to create a network of charging stations throughout the country. This will ensure that all users of this mode of transportation have access to a reliable and convenient charging station.

Both companies stressed the need for alliances to support more sustainable driving and ensure its sustainability over time.

AES El Salvador and Blink Charging have formed this alliance. This solidifies their commitment to innovation through electric mobility. El Salvador will be able to provide the sustainable, environmentally-friendly energy solutions it needs to move forward with energy.

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