Okinawa Autotech Opens A New Galaxy Showroom At Nerul In Navi Mumbai

Nerul, Navi Mumbai is all set to experience the future of mobility with Okinawa Galaxy, an experience center by Okinawa Autotech.

Okinawa Autotech, an electric scooter manufacturer, is expanding its retail presence in Maharashtra. It has now opened a new Galaxy showroom at Nerul in Navi Mumbai. This state is witnessing increasing adoption of electric vehicles. The company offers a variety of high-speed and low-speed electric scooters.

Showrooms such as the Galaxy store are becoming a popular trend among two-wheeler OEMs. They offer an experience centre designed to increase customer engagement with electric two-wheelers. The showrooms offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the manufacturing process. Its electric scooters can be cut apart to allow visitors to inspect key components like the motor, battery and chassis. Customers can also customize their vehicle by using the customisation zone.

Jeetender Sharma, Founder and MD, Okinawa Autotech, said, “The idea behind opening an exclusive experience centre in Maharashtra is to offer our customers a one-of-a-kind experience to soak in the essence of Okinawa as a brand. We always ensure our stores’ energy remains vibrant and engaging, improving customer experience to multi-folds.”

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Okinawa Autotech is one of the leading EV brands in India, dominating the electric two-wheeler market. Okinawa Autotech leads the EV chart with 47,121 units sold at the halfway point of CY2022. The company’s total sales for CY2021 of 29,945 units has been surpassed by this January-June 2022 performance. The company’s April sales were its highest (11,012 units).

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