SemaConnect Collaborates with Athena Partners Stratergy Group to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure

SemaConnect’s leading EV amenities combined with APSG EV integration model set to change future of electric vehicle charging in North America as market grows exponentially  

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SemaConnect is a Blink Charging Company, and a leading provider of electric car amenities to the North American residential and commercial property markets. SemaConnect has partnered up with Athena Partners Strategy Group, a technology and government relations consultancy, to revolutionize the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle charging amenities throughout the country.

SemaConnect, a leader in EV solutions and parking managers, helps address the increasing demand for EV charging stations that are easy to use and accessible. SemaConnect’s EV chargers, when combined with APSG’s proprietary EV charging process that allows for seamless phase-in, will enable municipalities and educational organizations to enhance their visitor experience. They can also earn green building value, such as LEED certification, and generate additional revenue.

Tony Sargent, SVP Sales of SemaConnect, stated “We are excited to partner with APSG. This kind of innovative collaboration is crucial in helping us and the industry tackle the huge growth ahead.”

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that EV sales rose 85 percent between 2020 and 2021, while sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) increased by 138 percent during the same time period. Facilities managers will have to keep up with the increasing demand from EV drivers as the trend continues.

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Ryan Robinson, APSG Managing Partners, stated that the EV market landscape is confusing at best. APSG’s extensive data sources and knowledge of the parking industry allows us to assess real needs and provide a cutting-edge solution using SemaConnect’s technology.

SemaConnect offers elegantly designed charging stations and a robust, open network platform that provides an unmatched charging experience. It also manages all aspects related to EV amenities, including quick installation and maintenance, parking payment solutions, education, marketing opportunities, support, and feature enhancement.

Sargent continued, “APSG is an industry expert on parking, transportation and mobility and understands the difficulties facing public services. SemaConnect is a seamless EV charging solution, which helps bridge the gap between emerging technologies as well as the communities they serve.”

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