Nesh LIVE Is On A Mission To Enhance The Safety, Efficiency And Sustainability Of Road Transportation: Giridhar Joshi, Head of Engineering and Analytics, Nesh LIVE

Giridhar Joshi, Head of engineering and Analytics, Nesh LIVE

EMobility+ had a chat with Giridhar Joshi, Head of Engineering and Analytics, Nesh LIVE and learned about the company’s background and business. He also spoke about ways data analytics and intelligence help in improving a vehicle’s performance and Nesh LIVE’s future plans.

Give us a brief background of Nesh LIVE and its business.

Nesh LIVE is on a mission to enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of road transportation.

We work closely with vehicle manufacturers right from the production line. Nesh LIVE solution which includes a combination sensors, hardware devices, and cloud software allows vehicle manufacturers to collect & transfer vehicle data to the cloud for further analysis for actionable insights. These insights prompt stakeholders in the automotive supply chain to take actions that in turn enhance vehicle & passenger safety and efficiencies. 

What makes Nesh LIVE stand out in comparison to other players in the industry?

Nesh LIVE solution is an OEM grade and is actively deployed at leading manufacturers in India. The solution is built for scale and security and currently clocks close to 10 million kilometers each day. Plus, the solution is unique in its production line fitment capabilities with end-points for seamless integration with OEM’s ERP and Dealer Management Systems. This allows various stakeholders with different levels of access to use vehicle data for the best efficiency. Plus, our AI/ML-driven features that provide virtual load sensors, route comparisons & trip analysis for insights are unique in the industry.

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Tell us how IoT and Telematics technology is incorporated into your offerings?

IoT is integrated during the vehicle development process itself, this is to ensure the various vehicle components like BMS, Motor Controller, ABS, etc are compatible with the Nesh LIVE Telematics Control Unit (TCU). Subsequently, the Nesh LIVE TCU is installed during line production of the vehicle and is an integral component of the vehicle.

In what ways do data analytics and intelligence help in improving a vehicle’s performance?

Using data analytics and intelligence, Nesh LIVE solution offers virtual load sensors and trip analysis features. This intelligent virtual sensor help users compare vehicle efficiency under similar load characteristics. Similarly, the trip analysis identifies the key routes taken by a vehicle and anonymously compares the same to other vehicles with similar vehicle and load characteristics to provide a vehicle level rating system. All this helps a fleet owner to measure and compare and thus use the insights to improve their vehicle’s safety and efficiency. 

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What can we expect from Nesh LIVE in 2022?

We continue to expand our solution offerings to new markets and segments. We are actively building new features to support our Electric Vehicle (EV) customers to actively monitor battery & motor characteristics in real-time to accurately predict range and state of health. Later this year, we are launching a new retail (B2C) product for the passenger car market under the brand name AssetMatics for which beta trials are currently underway.

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