Prozeal Receives LoA For 25 DC Fast Chargers From Surat Municipal Corporation


Prozeal gets Purchase LOA from Surat Municipal Corporation for Supply Installation and O&M of 25 DC Fast Chargers.  

Installation of 25 DC Fast Chargers will be at 25 locations in Surat City. On 2nd November 2021, Surat  Municipal Corporation has published a tender under the tender notice number: ACE(Ele.)/Light &  EEC/06/2021-22. Which Includes Supply, Installation, and O&M for 25 Fast DC chargers located  around Surat for a period of 10 years. 

25 Fast Public Charging Stations in Surat City with a configuration of CCS 2.0 (50 kw) + CCS 2.0 (50  kw) + Type 2 AC (22 kw) will be provided as part of the Tender along with 10 Years of Comprehensive  O&M. 

This is the largest single order that any Municipal Corporation ever has released in the country for  DC Fast Chargers.  

Highlights: The tender is worth of 14 crores 

Prozeal Infra Engineering Pvt Ltd, has installed more over 650+ MWp in the commercial and  industrial sectors across the country. 

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Prozeal has ventured into developing electrical vehicle charging station and have developed its own  DC fast Chargers with PROCharge as its brand.  

Prozeal is working as a Charge point operator and as an OEM. Prozeal has its own EV application  named Pro Charge, and is available both on Android and iOS and Prozeal has now placed Multiple  Chargers at various spots (Primarily at all popular Food and Beverage locations). We also have a DC  Fast Charging Chargers ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) Certificate. Prozeal has  supplied chargers to well-known brands like Taj Vivanta and JSW.

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