Ola Electric Rolls Out ‘Move OS 2.0’ Software Upgrade For S1 Pro Electric Scooters


Ola Electric is rolling out the Move OS 2.0 software upgrade for S1 Pro electric scooters. This is the first major Over the air OTA update for Ola’s electric scooter since it was launched in August 2021. The Move OS 2.0 software update has given the Ola S1 Pro a number of high-tech features.

Initially, the Ola S1 Pro came with three riding modes: Normal, Sports, or Hyper. With the Move OS 2.0 update, it now has an Eco mode. Eco mode claims to increase the overall riding range. The Eco mode offers a 20 km increase in range when compared to the normal mode.

Ola’s S1 Pro electric scooter featured twin physical speakers. Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to listen to music on the move. To listen to your favourite music, you just need to pair your phone and activate the built-in speakers.

The cruise control is another interesting feature of the Ola S1 Pro. This feature was unlocked by the OTA update to make it easier for you. S1 Pro riders now have the ability to use the cruise control feature in all modes except Eco. It is important to note that the cruise control feature will not work if the scooter’s speed is less than 20 kmph.

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The onboard navigation system is now available with the Move OS 2.0 update. MapmyIndia powers the electric scooter’s navigation. It offers precise and crystal-clear navigation on the large digital cluster of instruments, which is a huge boon to S1 Pro’s riders.

The last and most important addition is the digital locking/unlocking system via Ola Electric. With a simple touch on their smartphone, the Ola S1 Pro can be locked and unlocked. Riders can also open the boot using the app to listen to some music.

Ola Electric has begun rolling out the Move OS 2.0 software upgrade for all S1 Pro customers. According to the electric vehicle manufacturer, the software update will be available for all customers in the country on or before June 30, 2022.

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