GAC Honda to Establish New EV Production Plant in China

Overhead view of rendering of GAC Honda’s new EV plant (image)

Honda Motor (China), Investment Co. Ltd., an entirely-owned Honda subsidiary, announced that GAC Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. (GAC Honda), Honda’s joint venture for automobile production and sales in China, has begun construction of its new electric vehicle plant. This is a significant step towards establishing a suitable production system and capability to produce EV models.

GAC Honda’s dedicated electric vehicle production plant will be built on a lot measuring 400,000m2 in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District. It is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It is expected that the plant will be operational by 2024 and have an annual production capacity 120,000 units.

The plant’s initial investment plan is 3.49 billion R.M.B. and will actively pursue sustainable initiatives, including the use solar power. GAC Honda will also make the plant a smart, efficient and low-carbon electric vehicle plant by using advanced production technologies.

Honda plans to introduce 10 e:N Series EV models in China by 2027. GAC Honda’s new electric vehicle plant will be a symbol of the production operations that will support a wide range of EV models that GAC Honda will launch in the future. The new EV plant will also serve as a core operation for Honda EV production in China. It will be built by Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co. Ltd. (Dongfeng Honda) in 2024.

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Honda will be able to produce 1.73 million vehicles annually in 2024 when the Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda new EV plants are operational.

Honda will continue to push its electrification efforts towards carbon neutrality by 2050, and will offer customers attractive products that exceed their expectations.

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