EVI Technologies With HPCL To Set Up EV Charging Stations At HPCL Pumps In Bihar, Uttarakhand, And Uttar Pradesh


EVI Technologies partners with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) to set up electric vehicle charging stations at HPCL pumps on major highways and cities in Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

EVIT has agreed to provide charging infrastructures for EV owners at HPCL petrol stations. This project will allow EV users to charge their vehicles at the closest HPCL pump. There are 136 locations that offer fast and slow EV chargers for Electric scooters, and cars. HPCL’s partnership is expected to be a significant factor in encouraging owners of electric vehicles to charge them at various petrol pumps. It is represented in various segments of the EV ecosystem – home, workplace, public charging, ultra-rapid charging for buses, and captive charging.

Rupesh Kumar, CEO of EVIT says, “Our association with HPCL will allow both companies to contribute towards the goal of reducing carbon emission. We are excited about this strategic tie-up providing an opportunity for our customers to easily avail of charging solutions at various locations across India. This move will not just help EV users get rid of the range anxiety, but we expect this to create awareness among other car owners to start using EVs.”

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The project will also reduce around 21000 tons of carbon dioxide in the coming 15 years.

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