Delta Displays its Smart EV Charging Infrastructure at EVS25

Delta participating in the world’s leading EV event, EVS35

Delta, a global leader for power and thermal management solutions took part in EVS35, the world’s largest EV event. It was held in Oslo, Norway. Delta will showcase its Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions to various applications, including residential, commercial, destination, and public. The stand will feature the Slim100 EV Charger, a 100kW DC fast charger that is lightweight and compact for space-critical applications, and the 50kW DC Wallbox DC EV Charger which has a sleek design that makes it ideal for street and city charging.

Vincent Lin, Senior Director for e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions, Delta Electronics EMEA, stated that there are currently more than six million EVs in the EU. EVs are becoming more popular due to increased awareness of the environmental and sustainability benefits. This number will increase ahead of the EU’s ban on ICE vehicles by 2035. Lin added that Delta offers a wide range of EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions, which are specifically designed for residential, commercial, destination and public charging applications. This makes it easier to meet the varied charging needs of EV drivers and reduces the impact on the grid. The scalable solutions offered by Delta simplify the planning, installation and management of the charging infrastructure to support the future of electric vehicles.

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Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

According to a survey, 80%-90% EV users charge at home. This results in peak demand periods either in the evening after returning from work or the morning after arriving home. Smart charging profiles, which include battery energy storage, are necessary to avoid peak demand fees from grid operators, and optimize renewable energy harvesting. This is especially important given recent substantial increases in energy prices.

The key enabler of the energy transition is Delta’s EV charging infrastructure solution. This integrated system combines EV charging with PV systems, energy storage, and energy management systems. It will optimize energy. It is capable of supporting the most extreme peaks in energy demand and EV charging demand and can be integrated seamlessly into existing power grids.

DeltaGrid(r), EV Management, was on display as part of the smart EV-charging infrastructure solution. This system can help EV charger operators improve their management efficiency and reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX), and operating expenses (OPEX).

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Charging for Destination and Commercial Use

The SLIM 100 and DC Wallbox50kW are available from Delta for commercial charging environments. These range from parking lots, service stations and urban traffic hubs to shopping malls, restaurants, and cinemas. This charger is also suitable for locations where EV drivers are required to park for extended periods of time such as offices, hotels, roadsides parking, parking lots and department stores. The SLIM 100 EV charger is compact and robust. It can deliver maximum power of 100 kW, and has rectifiers that have 97% efficiency. The SLIM 100 can charge up to three vehicles simultaneously and provides both DC and AC charging. The SLIM 100 is ideal for applications that require space. Its footprint is 55% smaller compared to other products with the same power level. The DC Wallbox 50kW has a 97% charging efficiency, measures only 25cm thick, and is 60% smaller than other products in the same power range. The DC Wallbox 50kW supports simultaneous charging, with a maximum output power of 50kW from two charging connectors. The DC Wallbox 50kW is highly efficient in charging and has high spatial usage and charging turnover rates. This provides charging station operators with optimal spatial efficiency and operational efficiency.

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Residential Charging

Delta’s Residential Charging Solutions allow homes to create their own charging infrastructure for safe, efficient charging. The chargers can be installed easily by an electrician and come with payment and authentication systems. The AC MAX EV Charger from Delta is easy to install and quick to the commission, making it an affordable option for home applications.

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