Yamaha Motor To Boost Its Entry In Electric Vehicle Segment In India

Yamaha Motor

The Japanese manufacturer of two-wheelers, Yamaha Motor is currently developing an electric scooter that could be on the roads in the next two to three years in India.

The pace of auto electrification has been rapid in India, according to the Chairman of Yamaha Motor India Eishin Chihana. India could also be a hub for exporting electric scooters to Europe or other rising markets.

“With rising gas prices, decreased gas effectivity of (petrol-driven scooters), we expect the penetration (of electrification to be much greater within the scooter house,” he said, adding that the company is currently making a prototype for an electric scooter.

Its R&D team in Chennai is currently developing the product. It is more likely that it will be developed at Yamaha’s unit at Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu.

Chihana stated, “Our research shows that the commute to the metropolis is between 30-35kms per day. Therefore, our scooter will issue that in the improvement course.”

He stated that the scooter was being adapted from the European model, but the Indian model will have its own battery administration system and diversifications to suit the terrain and weather conditions.

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In the next three to five years, he expects that 30% of Indian scooter owners will switch to the cleaner electric powertrain.

This month, the company will launch its Neo Scooter in Europe. According to the chairman, the Indian alternative under improvement could also be used for resolution in international markets.

“India is among the many key strategic export hubs for Yamaha for the approaching decade. The Indian automotive ecosystem has developed very quick on the know-how and functionality of EVs, when in comparison with Indonesia. With the quicker home adoption and wish for EVs for the worldwide market, we anticipate to play a key position in exports of EVs sooner or later,” he stated.

Yamaha Motor India’s final fiscal year ended with a market share of 3.53%. The company also sold less than half a million units. Chihana has given the company a goal to double the market share in the next three-four years.

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