Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies, Tamil Nadu To Set Up 900 EV Charging Stations Across The State


Public sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), Tamil Nadu, will set up 900 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state, with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation leading the charge.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), which has 133 EV charging stations in Tamil Nadu, plans to add 400 more by the end of this financial year. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation currently has 79 charging stations and will set up 175 additional EV charging stations.

Bharat Petroleum Corp (BPCL), will install 145 additional EV charging stations before the end of this financial calendar year.

The officials from the Oil Marketing Corporation said that they plan to increase demand for electric cars as more EV charging stations will increase the number of EV users.

An official from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), stated that “Presently, the EV charging stations on the state highways are only getting a few recharging, but with increasing numbers of EV charging stations, I am confident that people will purchase more electric vehicles because the availability of charging stations will allow people to recharge their batteries while they travel.”

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Sources from Oil Marketing Company also stated that charging stations require an investment of around Rs 1 crore. To cater for long-distance travellers, there are fast-charging stations located on highways. In cities, charging stations are available for slow recharging.

The prices aren’t very low and are not profitable. Prices are currently set by fuel outlet dealers. EV charging station owners demand that the government provides more subsidies for those who purchase electric vehicles, as this would increase carbon footprint and increase environmental conditions.

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