MoEVing Partners With Sona Comstar To Develop Design Components And Technologies For Commercial Electric Mobility In India

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MoEVing, an e-mobility tech platform partners with Sona Comstar, an automotive technology company to develop design components and technologies for commercial electric mobility in India.

Both companies will work to develop affordable technologies for the country to adopt electric vehicles faster. Sona Comstar will develop products with the data available with MoEVing related to driver behaviour, duty cycles, geospatial intelligence, and vehicle performance.

Vivek Vikram Singh, CEO of Sona Comstar, said, “We are excited to collaborate with MoEVing, India’s leading full-stack commercial electric mobility platform. MoEVing would assist us with data-backed insights that will enable us to design and develop the right products for our EV customers in India. This collaboration is yet another step towards offering cost-effective solutions to drive faster adoption of electric mobility in India.”

Mragank Jain, Founder & CSO, MoEVing, said, “MoEVing is a data-driven firm, and data is our primary strategic component. With our real-time data capturing of vehicle, battery, and driver behaviour, we can measure and improve vehicle economy and provide analytical insights into the whole EV ecosystem. The partnership with Sona Comstar is a great pride for us.”

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