Volvo Cars Smoothen the Charge and Pay Process for It’s Pure Electric Volvo Drivers


Over the past century, motorists all over the world have been used to driving to a gas station and checking the price of their fuel, then filling up their tanks and continuing their journey.

Volvo Cars is moving towards becoming an entirely electric car manufacturer by 2030. If consumers want to adopt all-electric vehicles, it should be as simple and easy to charge and pay for the charging.

Volvo Cars plans to integrate and consolidate many charging functions and payment in its Volvo Cars App, with the goal of making it an accessible, one-stop-shop for electric Volvo drivers.

The Volvo Cars app allows pure electric Volvo drivers to find thousands of charging stations worldwide from a wide range of operators. They can also get real-time information about charging availability and pay for their session using one interface. It’s now easier than ever to charge a pure-electric Volvo car.

Olivier Loedel from Volvo Cars’ Electrification Ecosystem said, “Many of you are familiar with the frustrations of having to navigate multiple applications and carry multiple cards for different charging providers.” “Our goal was simplifying life for our customers and removing one of the main barriers to customers switching to electric cars. We will be able to create one digital charging platform with the Volvo Cars App”.

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Volvo Cars has recently signed agreements in China with three of the most prominent charging point operators Star Charge State Grid and TELD. They collectively cover more than 75% of China’s public charging points. Customers can locate charging and start charging by scanning a QR Code. They can also pay directly through the Volvo Cars App, using leading payment services such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, or by using V Point.

Volvo car owners in Europe can now choose from more than 270,000 charging stations after Plugsurfing integration into the Volvo Car App. This allows cross-border charging access across Europe.

The new Volvo Cars app will be available in the United States before the year ends. It builds on the existing successful ChargePoint app for US-based Volvo Recharge customers. This allows them to search, find, and pay for charging at any of more than 25,000 locations.

Electrify America will provide a three-year complimentary 250 kWh DC fast charge pass for fully electric Volvo cars. The 12-month Electrify America Plus membership will be available starting in model year 2023.

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Volvo Cars USA announced earlier this year a partnership with Starbucks USA. It will install 60 ChargePoint-powered DC fast-charging stations at Starbucks locations. They will be located on a 1,350-mile route between Denver and Starbucks’ Seattle headquarters. The plans call for a charging station at least every 100 miles. This is well within the range of pure electric Volvo Cars models.

Volvo Cars continues to develop pure electric vehicles and improve the charging experience. Volvo Cars, in partnership with local partners, is making investments in public charging infrastructures in strategic areas throughout Europe.

Volvo Cars recently announced investments in Powerstop-branded fast chargers in several countries including Italy, Belgium, Poland and Italy. In Spain, the brand has partnered with Iberdrola to provide charging points for Volvo Cars retailers. Volvo Cars invests in public charging at retailers as well as along commuter roads to increase the availability of reliable public charging infrastructure throughout Europe. This is available for both Volvo and non-Volvo customers.

It also has several preferential pricing agreements. Electric Volvo car drivers can take advantage of Plugsurfing to receive special rates when they charge at IONITY stations across Europe for the first 12 month. Volvo Cars in Sweden and Norway have teamed up to charge operator MER to offer special rates. Owners of fully-electric Volvo cars in China have free access to AC/DC charging at three of China’s largest public charging stations, Star Charge, State Grid, and TELD.

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