Earthtron EV Installs 4 Charging Stations For Intercity Travel On Delhi-NCR Highways

PodPoint Charging Station
PodPoint Charging Station by David Dixon is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Earthtron EV installs the 4 primary EV charging stations along the Delhi Agra Freeway, Delhi Chandigarh Freeway, Delhi Haridwar Freeway and Delhi Jaipur Freeway. This will make inter-city travel easy and stress-free for EV owners.

An organization launch stated that these EV charging stations will have 50 charging points capacity and offer super-fast charging while guaranteeing fast turnaround times for those using digital platforms.

“There are a lot of EV stations in main cities, primarily for cabs and industrial automobiles as non-public EV house owners often cost at house. Nonetheless, they shrink back from intercity journey as a consequence of a scarcity of correct charging networks on highways. We purpose to bridge this hole by masking all main highways in Delhi NCR. Approvals for Delhi Agra Freeway have already been acquired from the involved authority. Others are within the technique of approvals,” stated Ashish Deswal, Founder, Earthtron EV.

According to a report, India’s Authorities want EV gross sales penetration of 30% in personal vehicles, 70% in industrial automobiles and 80% for two- and three-wheelers by 2030.

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EVs are also more environmentally friendly and may prove to be cheaper in the long term. India is witnessing rapid growth in the gross sales of electric vehicles (EVs) because customers are eager to switch from gasoline-powered cars due to rising gas prices.

Electric vehicle sales in India tripled in 2021 to 14,800 units, but are still showing indicators of development. According to the Federation of Car Sellers Associations’ (FADA) report, India saw an increase in electric passenger car gross sales of 296% to 2,352 products for February 2022.

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