Revoh Innovations, A EV Subcomponents Maker Raises $150,000 In Seed Round

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Revoh Innovations is a startup that produces sub-components of electric vehicles and it raises $150,000 from angel investors Ravi Renganathan and Vel Kanniappan in a seed round to construct a motor controller manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu.

Motor controllers and brushless DC electric motors are the main focus of IIT-Madras’ incubator company. Revoh’s motor controllers have been operationalized in e-bikes, e-scooters and e-rickshaws. They offer 100% customizable features from forward/reverse mode to walk-assist and anti-theft. Research and development, manufacturing and operations are all based at IIT-M Research Park for Revoh.

Revoh’s CEO Vignesh Durai said, “We are setting up a manufacturing unit in Perungudi industrial estate to ramp up the manufacturing capacity. The R&D team will remain in IIT Madras Research Park and manage the operations. Currently, our production capacity for BLDC controllers is 2,000 pieces per month. With this new plant in Perungudi, we aim to manufacture 4,000-6,000 controllers every month.”

“With the new manufacturing plant, we are adding new cutting-edge motor controller testing equipment and assembly lines to speed up the process,” he added.

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Chennai-based Revoh intends to localize subcomponent production for EVs, and reduce India’s dependency on foreign controller manufacturers. Revoh claims that it is India’s first company which has produced BLDC controllers at 97% efficiency.

Revoh is a developing client base that includes significant Indian motor manufacturers. It has exported BLDC controllers for its clients based out of the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

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