Government Committee Finds Defects In Battery Cells And Battery Designs In Almost All EV Fires


The preliminary results from the government made a committee for the electric vehicles’ fires have found issues with battery cells and battery designs in almost all of the fire incidents that took place.

Last month, the central government made a committee to investigate the battery blasts and EV fires in the electric scooters of Pure EV, Ola Electric, Boom Motor, Jitendra EV, and Okinawa Autotech.

Several incidents took place in recent times. An 80-year-old man passed away and 2 others were injured when the battery of Pure EV’s electric scooter exploded in the house in Telangana.

Experts will work individually with all-electric vehicle manufacturers to resolve the battery issues in their vehicles. Ola Electric has also set up its own investigation for internal assessment. “As per the preliminary assessment of these experts, it was likely an isolated thermal incident,” the company said.

Ola Electric has recalled around 1441 electric vehicles to check and perform diagnostics. “Our battery pack already complies and is tested for AIS 156, the latest proposed standard for India, in addition to being compliant with the European standard ECE 136,” the company added.

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Nitin Gadkari said, “We have constituted an Expert Committee to inquire into these incidents and make recommendations on remedial steps. Based on the reports, we will issue necessary orders on the defaulting companies.”

As of now, 20 electric two-wheelers of Jitendra EV, 3 electric two-wheelers of Pure EV and Okinawa each, and 1 EV of Ola Electric have caught fire.

“We don’t want to put a hurdle but safety is first and foremost priority,” Gadkari added.

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