Germany Reaches 20% Electric Cars Registration

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For the first time, the share of fully electric cars among all car registrations reached the 20 percent mark. Currently, almost 900 charging station products are being offered for electric vehicles by more than 200 providers in Germany. In this context, AC wall boxes are most dominant with 41 percent.

For the latest study “Market Monitor Charging Stations”, the research surveyed 400 installers about the installation of charging stations in Germany. For the time being, the relatively young and emerging electric mobility market primarily operates based on demand. With about 81 percent, the lion’s share of all purchases initiated by installers in 2021 is a result of direct customer requests.

The number of electric vehicle registrations has significantly grown in 2021. According to recent data of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt/KBA) the share of pure electric cars in all passenger car registrations reached 21 percent in December 2021. With about 48,000 electric cars, the number of newly registered cars in Germany was higher than in any other month before. By end of the year, a total capacity of about 665,000 electric cars exists in Germany.

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According to plans of the Federal Government, 15 million pure electric cars are to be on German roads. This ambitious growth path goes hand in hand with equally strong demand in charging infrastructure in public, half-public, and private spaces.

The previous growth of charging station investments has especially resulted from the (now completed and closed) support program by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW, Reconstruction Loan Corporation). Consequently, a mass market for charging stations was implemented in Germany within a short amount of time, which significantly exceeds prior registration numbers of electric vehicles. In October 2021, more than 200 suppliers across Germany offered about 900 products while the number of available models is still on the rise. The most recent study “Market Monitor Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Germany 2021” of Bonn-based market and economic researcher EUPD Research shows that more than half of the available products are suitable for private, semi-public, and public spaces. The current product range of charging stations has been dominated by AC wall boxes.

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Because of the relatively young electric mobility market, installing companies are currently primarily acting based on customer demand in a strongly growing market for charging stations, as the findings of the “Market Monitor Charging Stations” reveal. With 81 percent, product procurement in 2021 was mainly a result of customer requests. A minority of installing companies based their purchase decisions on the realization of lower unit costs through the purchase of larger quantities or for reasons of inventory management. Only five percent of surveyed companies wait for sales and special offers for charging stations. Described purchase behavior also reflects the current market conditions, which are characterized by long delivery times and shortages because of high customer demand and growing production capacities.

“Given the growth of electric mobility in Germany, we expect a market for charging stations in the medium term that is independent from subsidies and government support. Consequently, the procurement behavior of installation companies is expected to change too”, comments Christine Koch, Project Manager for ‘Market Monitor Charging Stations’.

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