Altigreen Joins Hands With Massive Mobility to Install 25k On-Demand EV Charging Stations In 2 Years

Altigreen joins hands with Massive Mobility to install 25k on-demand EV charging stations in 2 years

India’s leading commercial Electric Vehicle manufacturer Altigreen has joined hands with Delhi-based EV charging solutions start-up Massive Mobility to install 25,000 on-demand charging stations in the next two years. The Bengaluru-based company is already catalysing the EV ecosystem and last-mile delivery in the country with its on-road commercial electric 3Ws and it has now mandated Massive Mobility to set up charging stations in towns and cities across the country.  With this step, the 2 companies will put to rest the concerns over in-city charging infrastructure.

“We have a long way to go in making Indian roads fully electric and, to sustain this uphill climb, there is a need for a robust EV charging infrastructure. Aligning our goals with Massive Mobility, which is developing an electric mobility ecosystem in Indian metros with an initial focus on the commercial sector, will help us to boost EV adoption across the country. We believe that leveraging the company’s expertise in designing a smart, integrated network of charging stations will help us to achieve our collective goals,” said Dr. Amitabh Saran, CEO, Altigreen.

The Massive-Altigreen charging network will be accessible to all EVs, regardless of ownership, type, brand, or model, and motivate other EV manufacturers to standardize EV charging infrastructure. In addition, Massive Mobility also commissions owners of the parking & charging points to offer charging nodes to EV drivers through its cloud-based solutions. Its chargers are already live at more than 150+ locations across Delhi-NCR. To make the experience more trouble-free for drivers, the Massive charging app helps users set up their profile online, identify & book a charging station slot, make payments utilizing the UPI framework, and also monitor usage. 

Shailesh Vickram Singh, Founder of Massive Mobility, agreed wholeheartedly with Saran, and said, “Altigreen is a leading company in EV technology for commercial last-mile transportation, and we are happy to team up with them to help people transition to electric vehicles. At Massive Mobility, we are creating a seamless charging experience for EV users. With the ‘charger on-demand’, range anxiety, earlier associated with electric vehicles, is becoming a thing of the past, and will eventually lead to dramatic increase in adoption of EVs in 2w/3w space.”

About Altigreen: Altigreen ( designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles of varying configurations and payload capacities, specially created for emerging markets. Their expertise and intellectual property in EV drivetrains enable three-wheeler delivery vans and other EVs to be launched at competitive prices that deliver outstanding performance tuned to the needs of end-customers. The founding team at Altigreen has a combined experience of over 110 years in motors, controls, software, manufacturing and finance. The team of 100-plus includes engineers from various global auto majors, specialising in all the facets of vehicle electrification. Based in Bangalore, Altigreen’s patent portfolio spans over 60 countries with 25 patents granted.

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