Yamaha Launches Its E-Scooter ‘Tritown’

A file photo of electric scooter of Yamaha 'Tritown'

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Yamaha launches its electric three-wheeler scooter, ‘Tritown’ with two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back. Just like kike skiing, the rider can swipe left or right to control the scooter. With a battery charge of 2 hours, it can run 30 km.

Hiroaki Araki, Official, Yamaha, said, “Well, let’s take a ride. If you ride it, it doesn’t have the function to stand up by itself. There are no functions such as electronic control. With the rider’s sense of balance, you can stop standing like this. You don’t have to put your foot on the ground when you stop. This is one of the characteristics.”

According to Yamaha, Tritown is “Last one-mile mobility.” The scooter can be driven by both legs aligning. It runs on Lean Multi Wheel or LMW technology of Yamaha designed for motorcycles.

Yamaha’s latest motorbike also has LMW technology. Tritown fixes the usual flaws of electric scooters and is innovative.

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“In order to make the operation both simple and familiar, a bicycle handle and a brake mechanism have been installed. It is equipped with this mechanism so that the body can move naturally when it stops. So far, hundreds of people have been on board in demonstration experiments. More than 90 percent of people can ride it just by practicing for about 5 to 10 minutes, so, I think we have achieved the goal of developing a vehicle that riders can ride very easily,” said Hiroaki Araki, an Official, Yamaha.

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