Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited To Introduce Vehicle Charging Stations In The City

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Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited (SCTL) to introduce vehicle charging stations for the public at Gandhi Park. This move is for encouraging the use of electric vehicles like e-rickshaws and e-autos.

The SCTL is also in talks with the company which previously installed the stations for creating a mobile application for payment with UPI scanners. There is a lack of charging stations in the city for personal electric vehicles.

Vinay Goyal, Smart City CEO, said, “We are planning to open it for the general public. The guidelines for the rates to be applicable are under discussion. Very soon we will come out with this. Smart city wants to expand its green footprints and bring the benefits of green energy to more and more people.” 

For allowing social distancing, the design was modified and use of e-rickshaws was not permitted due to the norms for COVID-19. Proper training was provided in order to operate e-rickshaws as standard passenger cars.

Many problems were faced by the beneficiaries and the same was reported to the authority. Problems were regarding home electricity bills, vehicle’s power supply, replacement of e-autos with e-rickshaws and some also returned the vehicles.

SCTL purchased 15 e-rickshaws worth 2.30 lakhs each in the year 2020. Individual beneficeriaeires are currently using the charging stations of the Smart city.

1 charging stations will be installed near Museum and 2 at Gandhi Park. In partnership wit KSEB, a renewable energy company, EV chargers were developed which is also first charging stations n the state of Kerala.

A vehicles takes around 1.5 units per hour for charging which means Rs 40000/month. The company will also provide details regarding vehicle, who used the station, amount of charging and digital payments made.

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