EV Needs To Have Connected Technologies – Tata Motors President


According to Tata Motors President, Shailesh Chandra, companies need to develop technological advancements for successfully leveraging electric mobility. Tata Motors is the largest electric passenger vehicle manufacturer of India.

“The interaction between a consumer and the car is going to change from being instructional today to very intuitive,” said Shailesh Chandra, President, Tata Motors (eMobility) during an online session.

Tata Motors has plans to introduce 10 new electric vehicles by 2025 for working towards its target of penetrating electric vehicle segment in the country.

“Any electric vehicle needs to have a minimum level of connected technologies embedded into it. Otherwise, it doesn’t really work. If you don’t leverage connected car technology in an electric car, you will not have fully leveraged the benefit that electric cars offer. See in electric cars, typically, you use more electronic controllers, every subsystem has an electronic controller and ECU setting, which can talk to me a lot of data is thrown, which can be used to analyze and make the car more reliable and better in performance.”

Automobile companies has a tough job to shift from traditional medium to software firms while software are driving traditional vehicles into virtual data centres. Tata Motors is working with other companies through the potential of Tata Group. Tata Chemical works on manufacturing batteries with Tata Power and Tata Consultancy Services.

“Software is going to be a big opportunity. There are a lot of things that will be done in-house, but there’s a lot of things to be done with a network of ecosystem partners and our approach is leveraging both. Our in-house work is a combined effort with a lot of companies in the Group which work on software. There is a huge in-house capability within the house of Tatas, which we have been and will keep on leveraging. It gives us an edge.”

“The technologies are also seeing advancements. When we move from 4G to 5G it will be 10 to 20 times faster. Then edge computing combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning, telematics. The power of these in terms of delivering a very intuitive experience is something we are planning to bring in the future generation of connected car vehicles. The interaction between a consumer and the car is going to change from being instructional today to very intuitive.”

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