Charzer Partners With Omega Seiki to Install 20k EV Charging Hubs


In the wake of driving the nation towards clean energy solutions, EV charging infrastructure enterprise, Charzer has collaborated with Omega Seiki Mobility to install 20,00 EV charging stations across the country in the upcoming two years.

Charzer will install charging stations where Omega Seiki customers will operate, according to a joint press statement from the firms. They can take advantage of the charging capability in a subscription-based approach.

Charzer also works with Greendrive logistics, which has a fleet of more than 100 Omega Seiki trucks in the country’s Silicon Valley.

Addressing the scarcity of electric charging points, COO and co-founder of Charzer, Dheeraj Reddy, said that finding and administering ‘Park and Charge’ EV hubs is a capital-intensive task that necessitates considerable usage of labour and staff for any logistics organization.

He further stated that this is where our company comes into the picture. By setting charging stations, we can prevent logistics companies’ loss of time and capital invested in finding the hub. 

Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki, Uday Narang made his goal clear of introducing more than 30,000 EV cargo three-wheelers in the country in the next two years. 

He also expressed that, in order to ensure the full implementation and effectiveness of the aim, they have partnered with Charzer to build robust charging infrastructure across the country that will ease the accessibility of charging stations for the fleet drivers.

In accordance with an in-house survey, in a city like Bengaluru, a conventional engine auto-rickshaw driver can travel up to 150 km per day, however, an EV auto driver can only go up to 100 km due to a lack of charging alternatives accessible on the move.

With Charzer, fleet owners may save up to 46% on expenditures while scaling their fleet 10 times quicker. Drivers may avoid up to 55 hours of redundant travel each month and earn 40% more pay as a result of greater fleet uptime, Reddy added.

Charzer provides a real-time dashboard for monitoring fleet charging information in real-time. According to the press release, with a turnaround time of fewer than three days for putting up the charging infrastructure, it enables quick scalability and speedier acceptance of EVs.

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