Only Electric & CNG Vehicles Are Allowed Entry In Delhi From 27 Nov


Amidst the poor quality of air in Delhi, the capital’s government has prohibited the entry of petrol and diesel-driven transports from November 27 till the 3rd of December. To keep Delhi’s air quality under control, only CNG-powered and electric automobiles would be permitted to enter the city.

“From November 27, only CNG-run and electric vehicles will be allowed entry into the national capital. All the other vehicles will remain banned till December 3,” Gopal Rai, Delhi Environment Minister stated at a news conference following a high-level meeting to deliberate on actions needed to maintain Delhi’s air clean.

Amid numerous actions taken by the government to improve Delhi’s AQI, the air quality is resettling to pre-Diwali times. Therefore, to reduce the pollution further, the entry of trucks and other non-CNG or non-electrically powered vehicles, from outside Delhi has been halted, excepting those involved in critical services, Rai added.

In conversation with the media, Rai further stated that CNG buses will be allotted for designated routes to carry government officials to offices from Monday onwards and the use of them is advised. Schools, colleges, libraries, and other educational institutions are also allowed to function offline from 29 of this month.

The government has also lifted restrictions on construction and demolition activities. 585 teams will closely monitor the compliance of 14-point guidelines on the construction site to curb pollution from dust and sand.

Since Diwali, the national capital’s AQI has been towards the top of the ‘very bad’ or ‘severe’ category. Due to escalating levels of air pollution in the city, all schools in the national capital were closed on November 21 until further instructions of the Commission for Air Quality Management in the NCR and abutting regions.


  1. Is vehicular pollution the main contributor. No , it can’t be. In a city like Delhi the dust due to construction , home improvement, agricultural activity, roads , and so many aspects too are happening. The wind direction speed and flow also may cause carry over of pollutants from neighbouring area. Even a sneak peek into Faridabad will expose the dust kicked up due to bad roads . Why then this partial discrimination to vehicles.
    No doubt CNG and EV’s are to be promoted, but ban is not the answer. The alternate arrangements like pressing into service CNG busses, autos has to proceed this ban.

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