EV Connect Launches Charging Network Operations Center

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To further simplify EV charging station management, EV Connect announced the launch of its new machine learning-powered network operations center, C-NOC. The EV Connect C-NOC is built on the Company’s advanced technology stack to provide network operators, charging station manufacturers, and other EV ecosystem stakeholders with deep, real-time insight into station issues, remediation automation, as well as the power to establish predictive maintenance models using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The insights provided by the C-NOC will help efficiently identify, triage, and solve charging station performance issues remotely, which is a critical foundation to scaling charging networks and the EV industry as a whole.

The EV Connect C-NOC provides visibility into more than a dozen critical charging station health and performance metrics, making it easy to pinpoint and swiftly deploy mitigations across devices on its platform. With access to station OCPP data streams, data-rich error alerts, automated diagnosis, and ticket status via a single dashboard, operators can extract trends and actionable insights, including the ability to export data for use in downstream operations and maintenance systems. For example, support technicians will be able to respond to technical problems through rapid auto-detection, alert notifications, and triage on a per-station basis. In addition, insights provided by the C-NOC can be leveraged to optimize planning of scaling charging networks and choosing the right charging station for each charging scenario.

“Charging station uptime is essential for boosting confidence in drivers and eliminating range anxiety today. The C-NOC will significantly provide faster time to resolution for charge stations, thus allowing network operators to ensure more consistent uptime for greater driver reliability,” says Raj Jhaveri, Senior Director of Product and Technology of EV Connect. “At EV Connect, we are relentless in our pursuit of innovation and are committed to building a solution that leverages data and analytics to decrease the average time-to-resolution, reduce operating costs, and allows our customers to scale networks efficiently.”

EV Connect’s C-NOC includes real-time alerts on key charging station health metrics at the station-, location-, organizational, or network levels. The customizable alerts and notifications delivered via the dashboard give operators the power of diagnostics and the ability to drill down to OCPP logs and fault codes based on the administrator’s auto-flagging configuration. With more than 20 hardware manufacturers OCPP certified on the EV Connect platform, site hosts can rely on the C-NOC to support any deployment. In addition, the triage ticketing tool included with the C-NOC allows support stakeholders to promptly recognize problems and create detailed work tickets which include pertinent station-level detail. Additional features of C-NOC will include CRM ticketing system integrations, collaboration and asset management tools, automated firmware and configuration fixes, automated technician dispatches, and advanced analytics and predictive maintenance through machine learning support. The C-NOC will also provide the ability to integrate charging stations with third-party business support systems to increase operational efficiency at the enterprise level.

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