New EV Charging Station Inaugurated By Statiq In Rajasthan

white car charging
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A new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station at Hotel Highway Xpress Delhi Side, Behror, Rajasthan, NH48 has been inaugurated by Statiq. With this, Statiq  marks a total of 150+ chargers across India.

This charging station is equipped with 1 DC Fast Charger powered by 50 KW. DC chargers are optimal for charging an EV as they can rejuvenate the battery of an EV by 80% in under an hour and ensure long-lasting battery life for the vehicle. They also provide a safe option to drive an EV for greater distances until the next recharge.

With it’s EV charger discovery app and Charging System Management Software for the hosts, Statiq provides an end-to-end ecosystem for EV chargers. It has a mechanism to manufacture in-house chargers, administer free installations, and provision of remote charger management services to ensure innovation driven by sustainability in the Indian transportation sector.


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