MoEVing Joins Hands With Hero Electric To Convert One Lakh Two- wheelers Into EVs

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In order to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, electric fleet startup MoEVing has partnered with Hero Electric. The company plans to convert one-lakh internal combustion engine-run two-wheelers to EVs in the next five years. In the short term, the Delhi-based EV platform will deploy 1,000 Hero Electric vehicles through its technology platform for B2B companies by FY22.. It has a technology platform for B2B e-commerce players, retail, third party logistics (3PL) and FMCG companies. The aim is to work together to increase adoption of EVs via new demand and also focus on converting existing ICE vehicles to EVs.

With respect to the partnership, MoEVing will provide access to data and analytics modules and Hero Electric will help with vehicle and battery performance and other maintenance issues on a real-time basis to further accelerate technology, product, and service improvements.

MoEVing currently has presence in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, and Mumbai. It plans to expand operations to over 100 cities in the next 3-5 years. 

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By taking an integrated approach to demand aggregation, supply optimization, and connected charging infrastructure, the company is creating a tech platform to bring various stakeholders like Hero Electric to accelerate the switch to EV space and at the same time empower the driver’s community. And through this partnership with MoEVing, Hero Electric aims to further drive the adoption of EVs largely among the B2B sector.


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