We Provide Free Advice And Online Survey Which Helps Them To Choose The Right Chargers On Right Place – Karthikeyan Santharam, Managing Director, Relux Electric


1. Please tell us how your EV charging journey began and how it has been in the year 2020.

I have entered this EV field as a user from 2012, As we always work towards Green World and Pollution Free INDIA. By Pre-2019, We have entered officially into “RELUX Charging Chains” Now we are as “RELUX electric” as a registered Trademark and our Official Brand for EV infra Service Provider Company.

When talking about 2020, We had a Plan to open 3 Charging Stations for Every Month, we achieved the same up to February 2020, In March we are about to open our Hosur Outlet near Bengaluru by March 28, 2020. But COVID-19 has changed all Business Plans and upside down. But We bounced Back and started our openings soon by August 2020 itself, From August 2020, We are opening monthly 2 or 3 Official Outlets.

By Dec 2020, we have reached 20 Official Charging Outlets, and more than 30 Charging Points across INDIA.

2. Please give us a brief idea about the various charging solutions that you provide.

We Provide End to End Charging Solutions to all our Clients which includes Machines along with Installation. Civil and Power Infrastructure which is required, Getting Permissions from Discom’s and other boards for EV subsidies. Software and Payment gateway Integrations also make Tailor-made customization on all our services according to our Client.

We Provide Free Advice and Online Survey which helps them to choose the right Chargers on Right Place. Recently we have started to serve Corporate Companies and Apartments too on Op-Ex Models.

We are giving Free OCPP and Free App for anyone who attaches their charger with us without any integration or registration cost. We have taken this step because to boost the EV Charging Business across INDIA.

3. How do you see the EV charging scenario evolve in India in a couple of years? 

Right Now itself, It’s an unexpected growth, we expect this growth by 2025. People are ready to switch to electric vehicles and the only crisis is Charging Infra. As the government is also taking steps in Major cities, We as Private Players are placing DC Fast Chargers for Every 150Kms in Highways across India.

RELUX Aims to achieve a goal of 500 DC Fast Chargers across all National Highways. 500 AC Points in all major Metropolitan and Cities across INDIA.

4. As a charging solution provider what are the challenges that you face currently

which needs immediate resolution?

ROI is the major Challenge when we face our clients. But now, we have an answer for this, anyone who starts a Charging Outlet with RELUX will get ROI in 4 Years for sure. But we can’t guarantee monthly income as in the current scenario.

Also, we are working with various Discoms for Power Infrastructure also we are working with a couple of leading Private Players too. As power Infrastructure is also a major constraint, as each and every state has its own EV policy, so according to it we need to draft a unique business plan for our Outlets in that state.

5. What are your plans on contributing to the EV revolution in India in the coming few years?

We are concentrating on Restaurants, Malls, Lay-By areas on the highway to deploy our chargers in Op-Ex Partnership models.

Also, we plan to Launch our Annual Subscription Model for Unlimited Recharges in all our stations soon by this year.

Already RELUX has a presence in 6 states like Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat. Soon there will be opening Outlets in other places INDIA.

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