We Are Currently Present In 60 Cities And Will Soon Be Available In 100 Cities And Are Committed To Working With The Auto-Makers: Sandeep Bangia, Tata Power


In an exclusive conversation with EMobility+, Mr. Sandeep Bangia, Head – EV & Home Automation, Tata Power spoke about how the year 2020 was for the company and the recent work done under their EZ charge brand. He also spoke about the state of the art technology being used in the charging business and the company’s  robust future expansion plans.

How has the year 2020 been for Tata Power especially as this has been the pandemic year? Any key learnings?

From the EV Charging business perspective:

  • Since EV Charging business is a new business, the pandemic period allowed our prospective customers/ location partners some bandwidth from the regular business routine to spend time and understand the advantages of putting up EV chargers at their locations – enhanced foot falls and a progressive ‘eco-friendly image’ for their businesses.
  • COVID related pandemic actually increased the consciousness around sustainable lifestyle. We have seen pristine air quality during COVID induced lockdowns and people have realised that such a pristine environment can be sustained if tailpipe emissions are eliminated or reduced. This has boosted the interest in electric vehicles and hence charging.

Tata power is one of the early movers to develop EV infrastructure in India. Please highlight the recent work done in this space under the brand EZ charge.

Tata Power is a 100yr+ old company with presence and expertise in all domains of the energy value chain. So, moving into EV charging was the most logical line of business for us to be in. EVs have just begun appearing on the Indian landscape and we have a very focussed plan to set up EV charging infrastructure in India. 

We have already commissioned close to 400 chargers and these chargers are located across commercial buildings, public places, highways and other similar locations. In addition to this, we have a tie-up with MG Motor, Jaguar Land Rover & Tata Motors for setting up charging stations for them as also for their customers’ home charging requirements.

Could you tell us how Tata Power is deploying state of the art technology in its EV charging business?

Apart from the charger itself, there are 2 more key components of the charging business. 

A. Expertise in Grid Management 

B. Digital Platform for operations. 

Tata Power’s experience, expertise and credibility in Grid management is of a very high order, world- class if I can say. For the Digital Platform part, we are investing a lot of money in setting up the platform and loading it up with a lot of ‘future ready’ features.

Read the full interview here: https://emobilityplus.com/2021/03/17/emobility-india-feb-2021-magazine/

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