How Telematics Helps In Using Real-time Information To Make Efficient Decisions About Your Fleet?


Opinion piece by Nishant Saini – Founder & MD, EEE Taxi

Rajesh, Hub Manager of a leading fleet operator in New Delhi manages a fleet of over 100 vehicles. He maintains a roster register and meticulously maintains them. One day, his boss asked him the real time location of his vehicles, the duty and trip roster of vehicles and drivers. Rajesh went into the record room and immersed himself into volumes of papers.

The story of Rajesh is not new and almost all dispatchers and hub managers could be facing it. However, fleet telematics could have made his life simple.

For the benefit of readers, if I had to convey in simple terms, Fleet Telematics is a kind of Information System bringing vehicle related information and multiple parameters of vehicle diagnostics at a unified platform, helping driver partners and fleet operators.

Typically, fleet telematics comprises critical elements like vehicle location tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, route planning, Real Time SOC level, Real Time Odometer readings, Geo – fence based alerts, vehicle speed, Trip history etc.

Technology intervention is necessary for business augmentation and operations efficiency. It would not be wrong to say that all fleet operators should be on boards pioneering technology and EVs to provide cutting edge sustainable mobility solutions.

Let me help you understand how to do it . Typically at EV Charging hubs, one should have a paperless mechanism in inspection and dispatch of vehicles. Each driver partner should be provided a cell phone through which he gets trip related alerts from command centres. At command centres which are located at hubs, dashboard access should be provided to hub managers. It is where all the action happens. Through the remote access he can find out on real time access the location of the vehicle, its SOC level, nearest location of EV charging station etc. The Hub managers can also see if the driver has engaged in rash driving, the AC temperatures etc.

In a nutshell, all of the data regarding vehicle health, location, maintenance, acceleration, seatbelt usage, speed, braking, air pressure, and a range of other variables is now readily available from specially procured OBD/ CANBUS devices from various countries.

Adoption of telematics can bring tremendous benefits to fleet operators like it can help them to optimise routes and increase productivity. One can control and reduce operational expenses as vehicle specifications, service scheduling etc enables operators to prepare pre maintenance schedules and keep vehicles in fit state.

We have been able to get insights about our driver’s behaviour. We have been successfully able to identify those drivers who would benefit from further training or guidance on correcting dangerous or inefficient driving habits

Another benefit of telematics is one can assign a trip according to the real time SOC level of the vehicle. This integration allows dispatchers to assign a trip to a particular vehicle on the basis of its SOC level, distance of the trip and guides it to the nearest EV Charging Station to avail opportunity charging. This feature allows us to reduce dry runs and optimise revenue kilometres.

It is evident that telematics-based operations have benefits for a fleet operator. Creating matrices and KPIs for fleet driver performances can promote safety and position personal objectives with company productivity and safety levels on the same level.

The whole idea behind having telematics-based data for journey & trip management is to make your daily commute a pleasant experience.

EEE-Taxi is an end to end E-Mobility solution provider, which brings in 100% EV’s, Charging Infra and State of art technology together, to save Companies Time, money and Carbon emissions. Additionally, we create a charging marketplace for other EV users to Plug in their EV’s. It uses telematics comprehensively to make your journey a pleasurable experience. 

By Nishant Saini – Founder & MD, EEE Taxi

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