Meghalaya Comes Up With New EV Policy 2021

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The Indian state of Meghalaya has decided to go green with the introduction of Meghalaya Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2021. The policy will come into effect from April 1.

The policy stated that as of October 2020, Meghalaya accounts for only 0.002% of the electric vehicles sold in India and the total EVs in the State account for only 0.001% of the total vehicles registered in the State. Therefore, it is imperative to accelerate early adoption of EVs in the State of Meghalaya by providing adequate impetus and support for adoption of Battery EVs and setting up of related charging infrastructures.

In consideration of the fact, the government has stated in the policy, “as on 31st October 2020, presently having only 6 EVs, it has been estimated to have already resulted in saving 1568 liters of fuel, and reduction of 3901kg of Carbon Dioxide.”

Under the policy, the government recognized that the tourism sector is essential for the first phase of the use of electric vehicles and tourist spots will be identified where the tourist shall avail the electric vehicle services, exclusively.

The policy will also support charging stations and provide electric vehicles for related start-ups in the state.

Under the policy, there are many purchase incentives for early adopters in 2W, 3W, 4W and buses. The policy is made to facilitate the adoption of at least 15% EVs in the State by 2025. The aim is to add around 20,000 EVs in the State during the policy period. This will save about 50 lakh liters of fuel, resulting in a reduction of about 10,000 Kg of CO2 per day, which will reduce more than 36.5 lakh Kg of CO2 per year, the policy said. 

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