We Are Looking For Partnerships And Franchisees Across The Country To Register Faster Growth, Rajeev YSR, Avaan India


EMobility+ interviewed Rajeev YSR, Chief Operating Officer, Avaan India and found out how the company has been successful in providing last mile delivery solutions and its different business models presently in operation.

Please tell us about the journey of Avaan’s EV business. How did it all begin and how has the journey been so far?

It all began out of necessity and compulsion. One of our esteemed customers was part of the EV 100 campaign and hence the need to convert all mobility solutions to electric arose. Though a challenge at that time, we embraced the same and built solutions around it.

What have been some essential learnings in the Covid times which you plan to implement going further?

Covid times have been times of testing, reinvention and reflection. Apart from the EVs business, a new business model vertical called Avaan Excess Baggage was pivoted during pandemic. The offerings as per this is that customers can book Avaan Excess Baggage while booking their flight ticket and we move their luggage to their destination at almost 1/3rd the price airlines would charge the customers.

Kindly tell us about the different business models in use and the product types
currently being provided by Avaan.

Our different business models are

  1. We provide electric vehicles on lease – taking complete care of maintenance and up
    keeping of the vehicle.
  2. Provide EVs and along with driver and delivery partners

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