Sunseap Launches Green Mobility Biz – To Set Up 10,000 EV Charging Points Across Singapore

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Leading Singapore clean energy company Sunseap Group has set up a green mobility business called Charge+, with plans to install 10,000 charging points across the island within this decade, a move it hopes will be a game-changer in catalysing EV adoption in Singapore.

The company said its investment will support Singapore’s goal of phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles for 100% clean energy vehicles by 2040.

Charge+ will focus on three market segments, namely residential, commercial and industrial, and fleets. It aims to install charging points in public housing estates and private developments, particularly condominiums, as well as in commercial and industrial buildings, to serve the workplace market. Charge+ will also serve companies operating electric vehicle fleets.

Mr Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+, said “The vision of Charge+ is to address the pain points faced by dense cities such as Singapore and become a game-changer for the EV sector. As a leading EV charging operator in Singapore, Charge+ aims to make the charging experience convenient, pleasant and affordable for residents and businesses.”

To that end, Charge+ will leverage its differentiated advantages to address the challenges faced by the EV sector. In particular, it is now developing its own proprietary, ultra-slim charger which is specifically designed for plug and play in all existing carparks. More information on its design can be found in Annex A.

As many carparks in Singapore have limited localised power supply, Charge+ will apply its smart charging solution to allow for more chargers to be installed, thereby serving more EV drivers. This solution forms part of the secure cloud-based Management System to remotely control and monitor all the EV chargers nationwide. Charge+ will also provide EV drivers with a seamless mobile app experience that allows for ease of locating available chargers, start a charging session and payment.

In conjunction with this launch, Charge+ said Axxel Marketing, Ebenezer Group and StorHub, have signed up as its first set of clients. More information on the companies can be found in Annex B.

Using Singapore as the launch market, Charge+ intends to apply its integrated solutions to serve similarly dense cities in Southeast Asia and beyond. The company will structure its solutions on a platform-as-a-service model so as to accelerate our outreach to partners in the region.

Charge+ will leverage the existing deep technical and commercial prowess of Sunseap and at the same time, help Sunseap achieve diversification of its clean energy business portfolio. Charge+ will also ride on the vast network of Sunseap which has so far amassed a portfolio of solar projects across over 4,000 buildings in Singapore.

Mr Frank Phuan, CEO of Sunseap, said “Charge+ will build on Sunseap’s vision of making clean energy affordable for everyone. Its roll-out plan, the largest to-date for Singapore’s EV sector, will help spur the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Such smart city technology is the way forward if we are to make our city a greener and healthier place.”

Mr Ong Tze Boon, Chairman of Charge+, added “Charge+’s proprietary ultra-slim changer, designed by Singapore for the Singapore market, will facilitate EV adoption across many existing carparks. We are also excited to build the next-generation smart software and platform business model to catalyse the markets beyond Singapore.”

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