Mazda Selects NewMotion as its Preferred Electric Vehicle Charge Point Partner in the UK


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NewMotion, a leading European smart charging solutions provider, has announced a partnership with global car manufacturer Mazda. This deal marks another major OEM partnership for electric vehicle charging, and adds the world-renowned Mazda brand to NewMotion’s growing list of international corporate partners which includes Renault, Daimler, JLR, Arval, and Deloitte.

Advanced technology to deliver smart charging services

Commenting on the partnership, Mazda Motors UK Managing Director, Jeremy Thomson said: “We chose to partner with NewMotion due to their pioneering development of smart charging solutions over the last 10 years. The company’s charge points are online connected, meaning they can receive regular updates to ensure a Mazda MX-30 owner’s charging hardware is always up to date and working perfectly”. Adding, “this also enables remote start and stop of charging sessions via the MyMazda app and will give our Mazda MX-30 owners a fully integrated and interactive home charging solution”.

British Mazda MX-30 owners will also be able to add NewMotion’s dynamic power management to their charging package, which helps manage home energy consumption. This feature monitors the total electricity consumption in your home and dynamically adjusts the charge speed of your car. If there is enough capacity left, the charge speed increases automatically.

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The partnership with NewMotion extends beyond the home charging experience, as MX-30 drivers while on-the-go will be able to access NewMotion’s ever-growing UK public roaming network of over 2,500 charge points, including over 1,000 rapid chargers. For those looking to go even further afield, NewMotion also offers access to 155,000+ charge points across 35 countries in Europe.

Under the deal, NewMotion will also be helping the Mazda dealer network to plan for and install EV charging solutions ready for the MX-30’s arrival in the UK early in 2021. With installation work beginning in the summer of 2020, the infrastructure will provide charging for Mazda’s showroom EV models, employees who commute to work using personal EVs and customers who already drive plug-ins. The charge points delivered under the partnership will be a range of 22kW AC and 25kW DC chargers. These will offer fast charging speeds and ensure Mazda’s infrastructure is futureproofed for forthcoming plug-in EV models that are capable of charging at faster speeds.

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Alan McCleave, UK General Manager of NewMotion, said: “Mazda is a brand known for innovation in the automotive industry. To be partnering with them is really exciting. We look forward to supporting Mazda customers, their dealerships and employees with the move to e-mobility. We will work to install smart charging solutions at their UK offices, dealerships and their customer’s homes to make sure they are ready for the exciting arrival of the Mazda MX-30 here in the UK”.


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